How to Gain Followers on TikTok?

 What a time to be alive! TikTok is booming and your follower count can too.
Now more than ever, you may be creating premium content but it just might not be getting seen.
So how does one go about gaining followers on TikTok?
Buckle up and let us show you. 
TikTok originally was built to be a fun app showcasing comedy and silly voice-overs.
After growing exponentially it now takes a seat amongst other social media channels as a serious content marketing, selling, and networking tool.
Celebrities and big brands are upping their TikTok strategy and using it as a platform to sell.
With the growth and endless possibility, users are now tasked with creating unique content and gaining a following to share it with.

Setting up the Profile

Firstmost, you need to make sure you have an attractive profile.
This is the first point of contact a potential follower will have with you so make it count.
Upload a high-quality photo and attractive cover.
Take it a step further by building one via Canva or Photoshop to give it that customized touch.
Write a short description that tells who you are and WHY people should follow you. 
Remember, a strong first impression can make or break you.


Next, comes the styling. TikTok has approximately 500 MILLION users!
That’s 499,999 people that you are up against. Set yourself apart by developing your unique style or brand.
Stand out. Are you a music account? Fashion? Food? Comedy?
The options are endless but pick one (or a few) and make sure you do them well.
Remember less is more, you don’t have to do it all.
Once you have chosen your niche on TikTok, it’s time to publish consistently.

Content Schedule

Creating a content schedule can be a great way to stay organized and keep yourself accountable.
If your audience expects 3 videos weekly it’s important to stick to that.
Pre-planning and consistently publishing your TikTok content can be a great way to build rapport with your following.
It is recommended and ideal to put out at least one video per day on TikTok.


How to Gain Followers on TikTok? 

Possibly the most effective way to get your TikTok videos seen.
Make sure you are using appropriate and popular hashtags on TikTok.
There are countless tools online to see what hashtags are trending.
Remember to put these important hashtags on to every post, before you click Publish.

TikTok challenges

They are a vital part of building your following.
Some of these challenges are international and can get your videos seen on the world-wide level.
Others may be smaller and more niche-specific.
Regardless, take part in the challenges that appeal to your niche.
These videos will help you become noticed and by using their appropriate hashtag you are providing another way for people to find your content.
These challenges have THOUSANDS of entrants so make sure that you are still adding your personal twist (style) to add some uniqueness to your TikTok challenge videos.

Cross Promotion

Cross Promoting your TikTok on other social media channels can bring your current following to your TikTok channel.
Well seasoned, TikTok-ers know to save their videos and add them to their Instagram Stories with a link back to their TikTok channel.
Use all the tools in front of you to help gain your TikTok following.
Leveraging your other social media pages is key.

Commenting and Chatting

Another tip to getting more following is to converse with other users.
Build relationships with other accounts simply by commenting on their videos.
With this strategy, you are driving traffic to your account, building relationships, and increasing followers on TikTok at the same time!
You may even see an opportunity to collaborate, which could lead to their TikTok audience following you.
TikTok users LOVE when two accounts band together to create content.
If you live in the same city as another TikTok user in your niche, you can reach out and discuss creating a video together.

Creating Unique Content

Lip Sync videos are fun, BUT creating unique content is key to succeeding on all social media.
There is already a bulk of dance along, voice-over videos.
You are far more likely to stand out from the crowd if you can create something original.
In addition, most famous influencers on Tiktok made their names through providing original material.

Hire a TokTok Growth Service

To help you promote your profile.
A TikTok Growth service will analyze your target market and help you build your audience by following other related accounts in your niche.
If you want to supercharge the speed of your growth, then hiring a skilled TikTok growth service like Social Network Elite could be a good option for you!
Our last tip, and possibly the most simple one for gaining a following, is to simply be yourself.
By creating your very own signature style, you are creating your unique persona.
Your fans will easily discover the real you from your videos.
It’s essential that you keep coming across the same way.
A fake persona may work for the short run, but for the long haul, AUTHENTICITY IS KEY to building a real following.
TikTok is a fun and creative social media channel.
Have fun with it, follow our tips, and watch your following grow.
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