Growing Online Marijuana Market

Marijuana — some call it a drug, some call it just a natural plant, and some others call it a synthetic drug.
In recent years you might have heard a lot of debate and news online and on TVs.
People have been protesting somewhere for the legalization of marijuana on the other side some are proving some studies to make it illegal. There are a lot of different views on the subject of marijuana.
Basically, Cannabis Sativa is the plant. Marijuana is made from the dried leaves and flowers of this plant, and people call it with different names such as weed, stuff, pot, grass, ganja, kush and other names and people consume it to get “high”.
In fact, more than 42% of Canadians accept that they have used weed at least for once in their lifetime and 35% tells that they have consumed pot more than once.
Recently many countries around the world are legalizing marijuana in their area. Canada and the US are also no exception from this.
Canada decriminalized cannabis in all its states for recreational and medicinal purposes last year in October.
But the lawmakers of Canada have made several rules and regulations about the use, sell, possession, who can use, and various other laws regarding marijuana. Citizen above the age of 18 is eligible to use and possess marijuana over there.
Canadians can buy and weed from local licensed stores or buy weed online in Canada. There is an online dispensary Canada where people can get weed online.  
Online sites like Weedsmart, Cheapweed, Topdispendary, Getkush and many more are providing an excellent service of selling weed online.
Legalization of marijuana has regulated the black market and the chain of illegal distributors has been diminished.
When people can get weed at cheap rates and that too in good quality then why would they go to the local illegal distributors?
Online sellers in the country have various attractive products like Budget Buds, Pineapple Express, Death Bubba Strain, MK ultra and many more.
People are tending towards the online dispensary more than the local drug stores and supermarkets.
The online market is growing rapidly and eventually, they have better products and flavours with weed at cheaper rates compared to local stores.
In our opinion, there are several factors of risk in the online marijuana market.  As there is a rule regarding the age of use and possession of weed in the country. But no one is watching the orders placed online.
People are also able to order steroids Canada. The officials cannot peep every transaction to see who has bought weed online. So the minor can have access to marijuana with these online dispensaries.
There are also some cases in the US that the marijuana-related e-commerce sites can’t process the payment online, still, many sellers are launching websites on listing their products on online marketplaces.
In order to regulate this, the government can make laws about the selling and buying of marijuana should be done in licensed locations only. Online dispensaries should not accept any order if proper KYC of the customer is not done with the site.
The online market is the future of every business and no doubt the online weed marijuana market will grow too.
But people need to understand and they should be educated about the public health threat and the regulations set by law regarding the use of marijuana in the nation.
The government should set some parameters for the online weed market and watch the process of how they are dealing according to under the laws or not.


Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh
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