Relationships. An image of your lover instantly pops up in your head as soon as you read the R-word. It is wild. And exciting.

It fills your heart with a warm, fuzzy feeling and leaves you deeply satisfied…Yes, it happens in real life.

Nothing worth having comes is in life. Relationships are no exception.

According to me, the very foundation of relationships is the trust, respect, and understanding you have with your partner.

Some relationships work out better than the others but that does not mean you must give up hope because of a few setbacks.

Healthy relationships are built to last and always have a balanced power dynamic.

So, don’t give up on love just yet, because hey, you only got one life and one soulmate to share it with!

We bring you your guide to having a happy relationship so that you can always work things out with your S.O. You can thank us later!


  1. Learn to distance yourself from wrong people

Some people dive into a relationship just for the sake of it and up wasting their own as well as the other person’s time, effort and emotions.

Don’t be a part of something you feel isn’t right.

Trust your gut feeling and cut poor relationships early on.

How will you find your S.O if you keep wasting your time with random individuals?

Learn to distance yourself from wrong people
Learn to distance yourself from wrong people


  1. Spend time with yourself

We all need time to ourselves.

Some like to pamper themselves while others like to watch a movie or just read.

Spending time with yourself every once in a helps you clear your head to get through all the overwhelming emotions you’re feeling.

Spend time with yourself
Spend time with yourself


  1. Understand your partner’s need for alone time

We love our personal time but we forget that our partner is a human being too and probably wants to spend time by himself.

Always respect the need for space and time in a relationship even when you need all their attention.

Not giving your partner their time is like switching on a time bomb; it’s bound to explode.


  1. Growing together Vs. Growing separately

All of us are silly when it comes to relationships because we don’t understand the basics of being in one.

Most individuals feel that when they are single they shouldn’t be close to anyone because well- they are single.

Eventually, they get lonely and desperately try to find someone.

And Lord, when they succeed, they are stuck to the partner by their hip; spending every moment together until both of them get sick of each other.

We need to learn to strike a balance. Live and grow together, but also live your separate lives. Isn’t that simple?


  1. Be exclusive

While some individuals believe in open relationships and polygamy, most of us don’t.

The thought of sharing your partner is enough to give you the chills, so maintain exclusivity with your partner.

No one wants to feel like they aren’t good enough.

We are very selfish when it comes to love and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be.

If you love someone deeply then there’s absolutely no chance you’ll be willing to share them.

Be exclusive
Be exclusive


  1. Be Faithful

Don’t cheat. It goes without saying- even when you feel like there’s no spark left.

The solution isn’t cheating your partner.

You have no right to put someone through that kind of mental agony.

Talk it out with your partner, make things exciting again and put in that effort rather than going and getting a new tail just because you got bored.


  1. Cut it off

If you don’t have feelings for your partner, then there’s no point in stretching it.

A break-up is inevitable in this situation and I suggest you do it as soon as possible.

The longer you wait, the messier it’ll get.

Save yourself the drama and end it today.

Cut it off
Cut it off


  1. Communicate

Don’t just talk to your partner, open up to them, show them your true feelings.

It is very necessary for you to show them how much you care and how much they mean to you.

Generally, most people perceive love in their own unique ways.

Your partner is different and has a different set of needs.

So, understand their needs and love them accordingly rather than loving them like you’d want to be loved.


  1. Always do more than what is needed

Why? Because your love deserves it.

They deserve all the happiness in the world and there shouldn’t be anything that you wouldn’t do for them except maybe:



  1. Listen

We can avoid half the fights with our partners if we just sit down and listen to what they have to say.

People complain when they want to vent to so don’t go all genius on them and give them solutions to their problems.

They just want you to listen to them and not fix their problems.

Sympathize with them. They will feel lighter and a whole lot better if they feel you support them when they need it.

Give your advice only and only when you’re asked.

Learn to Listen
Learn to Listen


  1. Motivate your partner

Healthy relationships are often formed when both the individuals start motivating their partner to be the best version of themselves.

Encourage them to see their real potential and motivate them so that they can be a better lover and a human being.

Motivate your partner
Motivate your partner


  1. Be Logical and Rational

Make your partner your best friend so that you can get the best advice, solutions, support…best of everything.

Even when you two have fights which will be inevitable your partner will be able to give you an unbiased and an objective argument.

A logical and rational approach will help you tackle problems in a better manner.


  1. Healthy Competition

Competition is vital for you and your partner to grow but it’s acceptable only when its healthy competition.

Things will go south if you the competition turns negative.

Don’t make your relationship toxic by making the other person feel like a loser or that your partner is not as good as you are.

Healthy Competition
Healthy Competition


  1. Think before you act

You might be trembling with rage and it might feel impossible for you to pause for a moment but I suggest you do that.

Take a minute to understand your feelings and reflect.

Emotions are intense during the time you feel them; they have the power to amplify (and worsen) the situation beyond repair.

Be wise and always think before you act.

Think before you act
Think before you act


  1. Get to their soul

Okay, I admit I went a little overboard with the heading but I do mean it. Get to know your partner.

No, not just their favourite meals and colours but their feelings and thoughts.

You need to know your partner the way they know themselves.

Get into the soul of your soulmate.

Get to their soul.
Know your partner inside out.


  1. Always keep your S.O in your mind

You won’t do any harm to your relationship if you have your partner in your mind.

I’m not telling you to go insane and think about them all day long; just think of your partner when you feel off-balance.

Easier said than done?


But it will save your relationship with a lot of trouble.

Your S.O is a part of you, more like an extension of yourself and you wouldn’t want to hurt them, would you?

Always keep your S.O in your mind
Always keep your S.O in your mind


  1. See but Don’t Touch

Don’t beat yourself too much for stealing a glimpse of that hot guy/girl down the aisle. It’s alright.

We’re all human beings.

There’s no harm in quickly checking out someone as long as you remain honest and faithful to your partner.

We all have an imagination and so does your partner.

So, use your sexy imagination with your partner. Just your partner.

See but Don’t Touch
See but Don’t Touch


  1. Respect them

Respecting your partner isn’t just about you not abusing them or yelling back at them.

Your partner is a human being and deserves to be treated like one.

Love and respect them as much as you would want to be loved and respected by them.

Respect your partner’s privacy and boundaries.

Respect them
Respect them


  1. Promises are NOT meant to be broken

Whoever told you promises were meant to be broken, needs a rib or two broken because that’s not how it goes.

If you make promises, then you gotta keep ‘em.

Promises are NOT meant to be broken
Promises are NOT meant to be broken


  1. Don’t push your partner

Never push your partner away or put them down just to massage your ego.

You pushing them down will only hurt them and ruin the relationship.

Don’t push your partner
Don’t push your partner


  1. Dress to Impress

I can never emphasize enough when it comes to dressing well.

You don’t have to be impeccably dressed- that doesn’t mean they see you in an oversized t-shirt with toothpaste and drool over it- be decently dressed.

There’s a reason why you felt closer to your partner in your initial days and as silly as it may sound, it’s true. You made an effort to dress well so your partner would find you attractive.

Continue doing that.

I mean things are bound to get steamy when you look hot…

Dress to Impress
Dress to Impress


  1. Spice up your sex life

I’m pretty sure you can figure out plenty of ways to do that.

Get creative.

You don’t always have to break a bed but I don’t think your partner would mind that every once in a while. *wink*

Connect with your partner emotionally, mentally, spiritually and of course physically.

Just find new (and exciting) ways to do it!

Spice up your sex life
Spice up your sex life


  1. Be Honest with your partner

Don’t ever lie to your partner.

Not even for little things.

It makes them trust you less and creates a room for doubt.

Be honest and open with them.

Don’t be ashamed of who you are and what you do.

Be sincere and let it all out.

Your partner will understand.

Be Open With Your Partner
Be Open With Your Partner


  1. Don’t hold grudges

Holding grudges or having feelings of revenge for your partner will drag you down.

If you are angry at your partner, then sort it out like an adult. He or she is your partner; not your enemy.

Let go of little things and even though sometimes forgiving your partner isn’t easy, do it because they mean the world to you.

Don’t hold grudges
Don’t hold grudges


  1. Compromise

Come to a mutual understanding with your partner.

Relationships aren’t easy, they require patience and compromise.

The more you compromise, the longer and happier your relationship is going to be.

However, don’t let your partner take you for granted. Both of you need to compromise.

Learn to Compromise
Learn to Compromise

Your guide ends here. We hope you have a wonderful, long-lasting relationship filled with nothing but happiness!