Brothers are one of our favorite companions, our partner-in-crime and even though they are annoying at times, they still are our go-to person. Show some gratitude and love to your brother on his special day. In this article, we bring you the best happy birthday wishes for brother along with images, birthday quotes, gift ideas for brother that are as amazing as your brother!


Here are 80 happy birthday wishes for brother. Take your pick!

  1. Brother, you have been an idol of love and dedication. Happy birthday!
  2. Dear brother, thank you for being my lifelong partner-in-crime and companion. Happy birthday!
  3. Thank you for being the one who brought me unending joys and little pleasures. Happy birthday!
  4. Brother, you have been by my side in everything and at all times. Hope I can return the favor some day! Happy birthday!
  5. Happy birthday to the coolest bro!
  6. Many many happy returns of the baby bro! May God shower all his blessings on you!
  7. You have shared all the sad-sweet times and all the wonderful dreams. Happy birthday!
  8. Brother, you’ve brought along many beautiful days of togetherness to cherish. Happy birthday!
  9. Happy birthday, brother! You’ve always made me feel special with all your love and care.
  10. Brother, you’ve lent your support whenever I’ve needed it. Warmest birthday wishes to you!
  11. Birthday greetings to the brother who’s loving gestures have brought happiness into my life.
  12. Dear brother, you are the best friend that I ever had, at all times and in every mood. Thank you! Hope you get nothing but the best in life!
  13. Happy birthday, bro! Whenever I recall the times we’ve spent together, my eyes twinkle with excitement.
  14. Dear brother, when life seems a little hard, I know you are there to support, in all those hours of need. Warmest wishes to my loving brother!
  15. Happy birthday, brother! I just wanted to tell you that my unconditional love will be with you especially in the darkest hour of your life.
  16. Brother, you are the only one who can make me cry and also wipe away my tears with a tender touch. Happy birthday!
  17. Happy birthday to my (least) favorite person in the whole world!
  18. Brother, each day which we spend together, brings us closer as buddies and friends. Happy birthday!
  19. Happy birthday to my brother who’s love is one of a kind, a blend of devotion and friendship combined.
  20. On the auspicious occasion of your birthday, I wanted to tell you that I’m incredibly lucky to have a smart, handsome and caring brother like you.
  21. Happy birthday to a brother who is extremely thoughtful and dear.
  22. Brother, keep spreading joy and love with your good nature and kind words. Happy birthday!
  23. Happy birthday, brother! Hope you have a fantastic year ahead!
  24. Brother, thank you for bringing joys to our hearts. Happy birthday!
  25. Happy birthday, brother1 cheers to a marvelous year filled with love and laughter!
  26. Brother, I hope you have a rocking birthday!
  27. Happy birthday to the brother who is al good things in one.
  28. Dear brother, you have an understanding that is very rare. Thank you for being there for me all along. Sending you heartfelt wishes on your birthday!
  29. You are the one, whose love brings back the sunshine when rainy days appear. Happy birthday!
  30. Your support and encouragement help me find joys in life. Thank you for guiding me. Happy birthday!
  31. Dear brother, happy birthday! Thank you for believing in me and trusting me more than I trust myself.
  32. Happy birthday, brother. Your faith and trust, light up the candle of hope in me, giving me the strength to go on, always.
  33. Brother, your love is felt in everything you say and do. Happy birthday!
  34. Happy birthday, brother! You are a friend I can always count on.
  35. Dear brother, you bring warmth to my days, with your expressions of kindness, love, and praise. Happy birthday!
  36. Brother, thank you for helping me with every problem – big or small. Happy birthday!
  37. Happy birthday! Thank you for understanding my emotions and attitudes (with such maturity).
  38. Brother, you are someone who cheers me up and helps me overcome my fears. Happy birthday!
  39. Happy birthday, brother! You are the one with whom the journey of life is a pleasure.
  40. Brother, you are someone, whom I can believe and trust with all my heart and mind. Happy birthday!
  41. Everything we do together brings a feeling of specialness to my heart. Cheers to another spectacular year!
  42. Brother, you are someone with whom I can be myself without any pretense. Happy birthday!
  43. Happy birthday! You are the one, with whom life becomes full of fun.
  44. Brother, thank you for adding joy, beautiful memories and making my life more worthwhile. Happy birthday!
  45. Happy birthday, brother! Hope your day is filled with precious memories of the times spent with me. 😛
  46. Dear brother, your warmth and affection make this world a much happier place to be. Happy birthday!
  47. Brother, you bring the warmest of thoughts and fondest of smiles into my life. Happy birthday!
  48. Dear brother, happy birthday! You have an understanding heart, that makes you a great listener.
  49. Brother, you are the one with whom I can share all my hopes, dreams and feelings. Happy birthday!
  50. Brother, you show your love by doing little thoughtful things, that mean so much to me. Happy birthday!
  51. Having you as a brother is a feeling of heavenly and oh-so-special. Happy birthday!
  52. Brother, you are someone who is always so nice and friendly, ready to listen and confide in. Happy birthday!
  53. Brother, you are someone with whom I feel free. Thank you for protecting me. Happy birthday!
  54. You are like a guide who leaves behind footprints. Thank you for your guidance and support. Happy birthday!
  55. You are a brother whose sunny smile can brighten up an otherwise gloomy day. Happy birthday!
  56. You are a brother who is generous and unselfish in all his ways. Happy birthday!
  57. Brother, you are like a shelter of warmth and your love helps me grow. Happy birthday!
  58. You are someone who is just a thought away for when I need you. I find you near me, always. Happy birthday!
  59. Dear brother, you mean so much more to me than I will ever be able to express. Happy birthday!
  60. Happy birthday, brother! We share a bond that’s deep and strong, a bond of love and understanding that keeps growing lifelong.
  61. Happy birthday! You are someone who knows me the best and shows me the right direction, better than the rest.
  62. Brother, you make me smile whenever I feel blue because you feel the way I do. Happy birthday!
  63. Your love, dear brother, makes me feel special and important. Happy birthday!
  64. Brother, your love for me will remain the same, even though a lot of other things will change. Happy birthday!
  65. Brother, you are the friend and guide, whose advice is followed by me always. Happy birthday!
  66. Happy birthday to my loving and wonderful brother!
  67. Hope this day brings you truckloads of love and happiness. Happy birthday!
  68. Brother, you lend a shine to my each and every day. Happy birthday!
  69. Dear brother, you are invaluable to me, as you make me feel simply great. Happy birthday!
  70. Brother, you are a source of inspiration, that leads me towards my goals.


Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

Nothing beats a hilarious happy birthday wish for brother which is why we bring you 10 funny happy birthday wishes for brother to crack him up in an instant!

71. Everyone should have a brother like you. I mean… why should I be the only one to suffer?

72. Hope your birthday is as cool as me!

73. Happy birthday! You may be older but I’m still cuter!

74. Brother, I’m glad that it doesn’t bother you that I’m the favorite. Happy birthday!

75. I smell old people… oh, wait! That’s you. Happy birthday!

76. Brother, sometimes I wonder how you put up with me. Then I remember, I put up with you so we’re even.

77. On your birthday, I’m reminded of your best quality – you’ll always be OLDER than me.

78. Happy birthday to mum and dad’s least favorite kid!

79. Happy birthday! Congratulations on being dead yet.

80. Happy birthday my hilarious, lovable and truly fantastic brother. Don’t fall for it; mum made me write that.

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother Images and Quotes




Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother


Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother


Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother


Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother


Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother


Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother


Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother


Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother


Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother


Classic Birthday Gift Ideas for Brothers

You might have chosen the best happy birthday wishes for brother but birthdays are incomplete without the perfect gift for brother from sister.

Which is why we bring you a complete list of ten classic gift ideas that has everything from a homemade gift for brother to extravagant gifts. Take your pick!

  1. Greeting Card
  2. Flowers
  3. Cake
  4. Watch
  5. Perfume
  6. Grooming Kits
  7. Mobile Phone
  8. Camera
  9. Headphones
  10. Clothes/Accessories

gift for brother from sister

Let us look at them one by one.


1. Greeting Card

Before you roll your eyes and sigh here’s a fun fact: greeting cards or letters are still a rage.

Even more in this day and age because only a handful of people are now willing to go ahead and put in so much effort. This has increased the exclusivity and value of a handwritten letter or a greeting card.

Get creative and tell them how you feel! If you’re really bad with words, just select a few happy birthday wishes for brother from this article and make a basic card. 

Greeting Card


2. Flowers

Everyone loves flowers – including your macho brother. While he may not agree to it, deep down he’d be happy to receive flowers.  

You can choose a bouquet depending on your budget and preferences.



3. Cake

A birthday cake is another classic birthday gift idea. You can either bake a cake or get creative with some cupcakes.

And if you’re someone who hates cooking or is simply out of time, you can always pick up a delightful cake from your brother’s favorite bakery.  



4. Watch

Men love watches as much as women love jewelry and it’s a no-brainer. Really.

You can choose a watch that suits your budget and your brother’s personality – from Fasttrack to Cartier – gift him what he’d love to show off.



5. Perfume

Gift your brother a fragrance that he’d love to wear. Popular fragrances like Carolina Herrera’s 212 and Davidoff Cool Water are pretty decent options.

Again, depending on your budget and the personality of your brother, you can decide a perfume from Titan to Burberry and more.



6. Grooming Kits

Versace grooming kit for men is one gift we swear by.

Believe us, grooming kits are a perfect gift because they have everything from shaving brushes to colognes – they’re a complete package.

Grooming Kit


7. Mobile Phone

Men love gadgets and gifting your brother the latest mobile phone is a sure-shot way of winning his heart.Mobile


8. Camera

If your brother already has the latest smartphone and you still want to gift him something significant, a camera is next on the list.

From cute instant mini cameras to professional DSLR cameras, you can choose the one he’d like.



9. Headphones

Nothing can really compare to a good pair of headphones and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

You can choose everything from color, type, with wire/wireless, sound quality, etc.



10. Clothes/Accessories

Some men have God-awful taste when it comes to picking up accessories or clothes and if your brother is one of those, it’s about time you did something about it.

Whether its clothes, sunglasses or other accessories like belts and tie, you can gift something that’s so him.   


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