Sure you two might annoy each other like crazy but when your sibling’s birthday is around the corner, you definitely want to impress them and gift them something special and memorable. We have compiled a list of 70+ happy birthday wishes for sister, quotes, birthday messages along with a list of unique gift ideas to help you stand apart from the rest!


Birthday Wishes For Sister

  1. Sister, your love is incomparable and unmatched. Happy birthday!
  2. Sister, you are always there to love and care. Happy birthday!
  3. You are the best gift our parents have given me. Happy birthday!
  4. Sis, nothing can ever compare to your love. Happy birthday!
  5. You’re someone special in a million different ways. Happy birthday!
  6. Birthday greetings to the sister who not only taught me the true meaning of life but also how to live it.  
  7. Happy birthday, sister! May all your dreams come true.
  8. Sister, you are an important and special part of all that’s held close to the heart. Happy birthday!
  9. Sister, thank you for spreading the beauty and warmth of your love, all around me. Happy birthday!
  10. Sister, thank you for your immense love and support. Happy birthday!
  11. Sister, you are a deep ocean of forgiveness. Happy birthday!
  12. Sister, with your joy and devotion, you bind our family and nurture it with love. Happy birthday!
  13. Birthday greetings to the sister who brings out the best in me!
  14. Sister, thank you for always being by my side whenever I’m in need. Happy birthday!
  15. Sister, for me, you are one of the most beautiful gifts of heaven on earth. Happy birthday!
  16. Sister, you are the one on whom I can depend, for anything and everything. Happy birthday!
  17. Sis, you give a helping hand, a smile that says, ‘I care’ whenever I’m in need. Happy birthday!
  18. Sis, you’re thoughtful and caring in many wonderful ways. Happy birthday!
  19. Sister, you are generous, with comfort and praise. Happy birthday!
  20. Sis, you are the key to the happiness of our home. Happy birthday!
  21. Sister, you bring comfort, joy and many unknown pleasures to our home. Happy birthday!
  22. Sister, you are a union of all things bright and beautiful. Happy birthday!
  23. Many many happy returns of the day! Hope you have an amazing day!
  24. Happy birthday, sister! May God shower all his blessings on you!
  25. Sister, you give love, that’s sure and strong, that’s a precious gift to be held close to the heart. Happy birthday!
  26. Warm birthday greetings to the sister, who is helpful and wise, whose kind advice always help and guide.
  27. Sis, you are all the things, wise and wonderful, that teach us the art of living. Happy birthday!
  28. Sister, thank you for being there by my side even when the whole world has forsaken me.
  29. You are like a friend who keeps all my sisters guarded, whatever they may be. Happy birthday!
  30. You are one of those few people who can be completely trusted. Happy birthday!
  31. Birthday greetings to the sister who is always ready to give a sure shelter of warmth. Happy birthday!
  32. Sister, your love is surely a gift from heaven, so blessed and so divine. Happy birthday!
  33. Sister, you are someone who has a cheerful heart, full of warmth and eyes that are smiling. Appy birthday!
  34. You are the best flower of life’s bouquet. Happy birthday!
  35. Your love and care make me feel really lucky and special. Happy birthday!
  36. Your love is the truest of all. Happy birthday!
  37. For me, you are the creator’s best creation. Happy birthday!
  38. You are a beautiful example of devotion and sacrifice. Happy birthday!
  39. Sister, happy birthday! Thank you for looking after me with all your warmth and sincerity.
  40. Sister, you will always be my first BFF. happy birthday!
  41. Sis, your love is something that I get, without even asking. Happy birthday!
  42. You are warm, wise, and understanding. Happy birthday!
  43. Sister, many many happy returns of the day! Your love is timeless and continues to grow and blossom endlessly.
  44. Happy birthday to someone who is a blend of guardian and a friend.
  45. Your love spreads joy and happiness, into life. Happy birthday!
  46. Your loving ways are beyond compare. Happy birthday!
  47. Sister, you are the one who makes me worldly wise and teaches me all the valuable lessons of life. Happy birthday!
  48. Warm birthday gretings to the sister who is always there to understand me in my hour of need.
  49. Sister, you are a solver of many problems, the teller of many stories and sharer of many dreams. Happy birthday!
  50. Sister, you hold a special place in my heart, that no one else can fill. Happy birthday!
  51. Warm birthday greetings to the sister who cheers me up and always makes me feel special and loved.
  52. Sister, your kind and gentle touch says so many things that mean so very much. Happy birthday!
  53. Birthday greetings to the sister who has an understanding heart and a faith nothing can dismay. Happy birthday!
  54. Sister, you love me most truly and dearly. Happy birthday!
  55. Sis, you have a loving heart, a warm and gentle touch. Happy birthday!
  56. You are my true friend, with whom I can share everything, that I hide from the rest. Happy birthday!
  57. Warm birthday greetings to the sister who gives me support in the times of necessity.
  58. Sister, your heart is like an ocean of eternal love. Happy birthday!
  59. Sis, you are the best sister in the world. Happy birthday!
  60.  Dearest little sister, happy birthday! My love and wishes will stay with you forever.
  61. On your special day, I wanted to tell you that I am thankful for your love and care that you’ve given me so generously. Happy birthday!
  62. Sister, you are one of the richest treasures of life. Happy birthday!
  63. Heartfelt birthday greetings to the sweetest, kindest and smartest person I know!
  64. Sister, thank you for your unconditional love. Happy birthday!


Funny and Cute Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister

66. Sister, thank you for tolerating me every day. Happy birthday!

67. One year OLDER but still hot. Happy birthday!

68. Funny. Smart. Beautiful. You kind of remind me of me. Happy birthday!

69. I hope your birthday is as fab as your younger sis. Happy birthday!

70. Sis, you are a monster in disguise but happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister Quotes

We bring you ten birthday quotes that include funny birthday wishes for elder sister, emotional birthday wishes for sister, birthday message for younger sister and other happy birthday wishes for sister quotes.       


















Birthday message for younger sister
Birthday message for younger sister




Unique Gift Ideas For Your Sister

We bring you six unique birthday gift ideas for sister that will definitely please her (and also fit every type of budget).

1. Flowers


Your sister doesn’t only like to receive flowers but believes us, she is expecting them on her special day. A bouquet is a fantastic way of showing someone you love them and deeply care for them.

A small bunch of roses won’t cost you much and will brighten up her day. Go for other flowers such as lilies or orchids if your wallet permits.


2. Greeting Cards/Letters


Greeting cards are one of the best DIY birthday gifts for sister. You can simply write some quotes or a short poem along with a cute photo of you two. You can also write a long letter telling her why she’s the best.

If your budget allows then you should probably buy a cute greeting card from stores like Hallmark that specialize in greeting cards.


3. Perfume


A decent perfume makes up for a pretty good birthday gift. Perfumes from The Body Shop won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

However, if you are looking for something extravagant, then we suggest you go for a fragrance from Burberry or Dior.


4. Jewelry


Men love gadgets and women adore jewelry. A pair of earrings or a necklace with a cute pendant are some decent jewelry options for a birthday.

You can either buy them from a store or online from sites like CaratLane.


5. Gift Cards

gift cards

Still unsure of what to gift your sister? Gift her a gift card from her favorite brand.

Almost all brands have the facility of gift cards and you can choose the amount according to your budget.

So it will still be a gift from you without you having to run around for it. A total win-win!


6. Chocolates and Cookies

If all else fails, simply pick up a truckload of chocolates and cookies!

Happy birthday


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