Hearty laughter is an immediate vacation

There are endless ways of entertainment on the Internet; we all enjoy a good laugh. Just select your option- blogs, memes, videos, and pictures that can make you go ROFL. Videos that amuse you are abundant. It is impossible to not feel relaxed after an upheaval of hysterical laughter and cleansing joy. Luckily, I got to cobble together 8 latest uproarious videos that happen to be the best in this year so far and will feed your jaded minds well and I bet you to try not to laugh. After watching these playful videos you will forget why you were feeling dreary in the first place.



A smile is a bend that makes everything straight.

In our crazy hectic lives, some good humor is similar to a whiff of crisp air. Also, laughter burns some calories. Hence, humor is much needed for the workout of the brain as well as the mind. A healthy person is a happy person. Sometimes, voluntary laughter eludes all of us, making it really difficult to feel the slightest bit jocular.

You will laugh your heads off while watching these videos, even if you are in a bad state of mind, plainly waiting for a person or simply bored of life which puts you in a fluster, wanting to take a time out, sit down and get entertained thoroughly. Browse through the listed comical videos if you are all set for the huge guffaw; Try not to laugh: 8 Hilarious Videos of 2018.



1. Try not to laugh: Toddler Collecting Balls



~ Vaibhav Bhojane

Kids are prone to throwing tantrums when things somehow do not go their way. But, not this chubby toddler; he seems to be very patient. He picks one ball up, puts it in a container, and simultaneously drops another. This becomes an incessant process as he has no intentions of giving up.



2. Try not to laugh: Conflicted Bulls



~ Ram Birla

This animated video displays three bulls along the riverbank, intensely discussing something. There is an entity floating on the river, one bull thinks of it as a crocodile, another thinks of it like a log. The bull tries to find out what it is and gets gobbled up by the crocodile. Now, the other bull knows what the entity is, but the third bull still thinks of it is as a log and this conflict remains forever.



3. Try not to laugh: Selfish Bunny



Baby videos are everyone’s favorite and fun to watch. The lovable toddler is chilling in his toy chair, not minding anyone’s business and then a bunny comes out of nowhere, snatches his biscuit, and runs away. You get to see the bewildered reaction of the little baby, who has literally no idea what just happened to him. Life is not always fair kids!



4. Try not to laugh: Cat Math



This video with a zazzy cat trying to make a jump over a house roof is too hilarious to watch. The cat is trying too hard for it, it is calculating height, distance, Pythagoras theorem; all the mathematic calculations possible. And when it finally jumps after collecting all the data, it falls badly on the ground. You will lose your mind while laughing out so hard.



5. Try not to laugh: Naughty Kitty



~ Anjali Dubey

This clip features a woman posing a selfie-and then all of a sudden her kitty comes in the picture, slaps her bad, and runs away. The woman’s selfie moment is ruined and she bursts out laughing.



6. Try not to laugh: Awkward Moment



~ Anjali Dubey

This video is a funny illustration of ‘That awkward moment when one person in a group does not get a joke’. Three birds are perched on a tree, two of them are chirping, and one is posing a poker face. You will connect to it instantly and laugh yourselves sick.



7. Try not to laugh: Dramatic Cry



It is playtime for Mommy and her sweet little pumpkin! They are playing with a baby toy, when Mum cries; she puts the toy in her mouth, and at the same instant, the baby starts crying. Then Mum puts the toy in the baby’s mouth to make him stop crying. You will find their amusing reactions extremely humorous.



8. Try not to laugh: The Show-Off



~ Karan Jasoriya

The girl is all decked up; wearing proper office attire, carrying a handbag, looking glamorous, walking in the parking lot, and then she takes out her car keys to unlock it. You would be wondering so what’s funny in it. The twist is, she was simply showing off and goes away riding on a bicycle.


As love is fortune, laughter is the key

I am sure you are totally hooked with this handpicked catalog of videos, Try not to laugh: 8 Hilarious Videos of 2018. Spread laughter by sharing these videos with your loved ones. Happy browsing!


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