Here’s How You Can Check If You Have the Best Inverter Battery

Frequent power cuts can be annoying and can ruin the flow of your work. The best inverter battery can provide you with a consistent power supply during outages, so you can keep working without any interruptions. It is highly efficient and offers optimum performance, making it a perfect upgrade to your house.

In this article, let us understand what a battery is and what are the features of the best inverter battery.

What is an Inverter Battery?

An inverter battery is essentially a storage unit for power backup generating devices like inverters. It stores the power in the form of electric energy , which is later converted into alternating current by the inverter to power your gadgets and appliances during power cuts. 

The quality and durability of a battery depend on its capacity and performance. Buying an inverter battery from a trusted and reliable brand is a wise decision as they offer quality products with premium service.

Features of the Best Inverter Battery

It is essential to have a battery that offers complete satisfaction during power cuts. The best battery has wide-ranging features and specifications that help deliver optimum performance and longer lifespans.

Check the following features to find out if you have the best battery: –

  • Fulfils Power Requirement

Power requirement refers to the sum total of the power required by all appliances and gadgets you want to run at the time of power cut. These appliances may include fans, light bulbs, TV, refrigerator, etc. The best battery should fulfil your power requirements for a considerable time

  • Sufficient Battery Capacity

The capacity of a battery varies with two factors. First is the power requirement during power cuts, and the second is the duration of power cuts. The battery capacity is directly proportional to both of these factors and can be calculated by multiplying them. It is denoted by Ampere-hour. The best battery has sufficient battery capacity and ensures a consistent power supply.

  • Ideal Battery

There are different types of batteries that serve different purposes. The best inverter battery for you depends entirely on your needs. Here are a few types of batteries: –

    • Flat Plate Batteries- These are lead-acid batteries that are suitable for areas with short but frequent power cuts
    • Tubular Batteries- Tubular batteries are also lead-acid batteries suggested for areas with long but less frequent power cuts.
    • Gel Batteries- The most significant advantage of gel batteries is that they are eco-friendly and do not emit harmful gases. They provide a more consistent power supply than lead-acid batteries.
  • Fast Charging

Charging speed is an important feature of the best battery. A faster charging rate ensures faster storage of electrical energy inside of battery, and also  relieve the load from home appliances, and offer an uninterrupted power supply.

  • Long Warranty Period

The best inverter battery offers a long warranty period, so you can avail yourself of services for the product without spending any money. It makes your life worry-free after the purchase.

  • Safety

Low-quality inverter batteries usually fail at higher temperatures. But the best inverter battery performs well at all temperatures and therefore ensures safety.

Key Pointers About the Best Inverter Battery

Here are some of the key pointers about the best inverter battery: –

  • Inverter batteries from trusted brands ensure a long lifespan.
  • Best inverter batteries match your power requirements
  • The best inverter battery does not break down at high temperatures.
  • The performance of the inverter battery must complement its price.

So these were some of the things that you can check to find out of you have the best battery. If you are looking to buy one, you can consider buying from Luminous. It is one of the leading brands that manufacture quality batteries that are affordable and durable.



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