11 Essential Features Home Inspection Software Should Have 

Home inspection software can be a huge time and money saver for a business. By taking companies paperless and streamlining workflows, the right software can really boost business. Ultimately, the software is an investment for your business and, as is the case with all investments, you should consider your options carefully before proceeding. Here’s a checklist of the most important features good home inspection platforms should have. 


Professional-looking reports

The whole point of home inspection software is to make working processes easier and increase efficiency. Since inspection reports are the crux of your business, you need to make sure that the software you choose creates easy-to-read, professional-looking reports. Clients don’t want to waste time decoding or navigating a complex report, and if you send them one, you’re unlikely to attract repeat business. Ensure you see plenty of sample reports before purchasing any software. 


Mobile Versions

Desktop-only software is fast becoming outdated and in the home inspection industry; it’s simply not a practical choice. Software you can use on your smartphone or tablet allows you to achieve more on-site at inspections and eliminates the need for retyping notes and making copies. It also simplifies the process of handling multimedia, since you can take photos on your smartphone and upload them instantly. The work-from-anywhere element of mobile software really is a game-changer for businesses and it’s crucial that the platform you choose offers this. 


Add photos

Adding photos to an inspection report is a huge time saver and is very useful when it comes to providing proof during disputes. The best software will allow you to take photos in-app from your tablet or smartphone and seamlessly upload them into your reports. No more wasting time transferring files or costly colour printing. 


Access Control

One of the greatest aspects of home inspection apps is that they allow your team to collaborate more smoothly than ever. However, you still want to exercise control over who has access to what, so make sure your software allows you to do this quickly and easily.


Click to sign contracts

There’s no point in going paperless if you still must waste time mailing contracts back and forth. Click-to-sign contracts make the process instantaneous and make it easy to check whether a document has been signed yet – no more tedious follow-up phone calls. 


Email automation

Email management is a time-consuming business, especially when it comes to follow-ups and confirmations. Automated emails save a huge chunk of time, but nobody likes receiving mail from a bot. Home inspection software worth investing in should come with an extensive template library to give automated emails a personal touch, saving you time without compromising on quality communication. 


Invoice tracking

Trying to stay on top of a flurry of invoices can be a chore. Good home inspection software not only helps you keep track of your finances but will also send automated reminders to those who haven’t paid yet. 


User-friendly interface

You’re investing in home inspection software to help your business run more smoothly, so an easy-to-navigate interface is absolutely crucial. If the new software takes months to learn, it will slow things down and require extensive training every time you take on a new member of staff. The easier the software is to understand, the more efficient your business will become. Software that is difficult to understand will only prove counterproductive. 



There’s a lot to keep on top of when it comes to running a business, so a built-in reminders feature is a must. The best software will help you keep track of everything from cancelled appointments to unpaid invoices and unfinished reports so that you never miss a trick. 


Spell Check

Reports with typos and spelling errors aren’t going to impress clients or realtors. Spelling and grammar mistakes appear unprofessional and contradict your expertise. Choosing an app with spell check is a great way to catch those small mistakes and ensure that your inspection reports are of the highest quality. 


Strong Tech Support

Last but not least, the software you choose should offer extensive technical support that is available to you whenever you need it. Before choosing a software, find out how many support channels are available to you and check that their operating hours are compatible with your business. Read through their support website too, to make sure that they’re providing clear and valuable information. It’s also well worth checking if the software company offers any free training or masterclasses to help you get the most out of the platform. 


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