The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Home Maintenance

It is important to always do the routine maintenance of your home. This not only keeps your home looking neat and new but also preserves the value of the property, which in the long run would prevent you from spending more should you choose to renovate. U.S. Rigging Supply, long time tools and hardware businesses, highly recommend the following cost-saving home maintenance tips.

Cost Saving Tips for Kitchen Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Home Maintenance
One of the most frequently used parts of any home is the kitchen.
This, therefore, makes it a necessity to always check that all kitchen equipment is functioning properly and not prone to cause any accidents or hazards.
Below are a few things you need to check and do in the kitchen:

1. Handle and Hinges

Always check the handle and hinges of kitchen items. When these items are used regularly, there is a tendency that the handle or hinges make weaken and get loose.
For most of these items, you may not need to call an expert to have it fixed, you can simple tighten the screws that are loose.
The same thing goes for the hinges of cupboard and kitchen cabinets.
By doing this routine check, you save yourself the cost of having to pay a carpenter to come to change an entire cupboard handle or replacing an item.

2. Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances can eat deep into one’s finances as they can be very expensive to acquire.
Irrespective of the type of cooker you have, either electrical or gas, always ensure they are properly maintained and functioning properly.
For a gas cooker, you need to regularly check for leakages or blockages.
If you have a dishwasher, you should run in through a cleaner monthly or even weekly, depending on how often you use it to avoid limescale build-up.

3. Keep the Kitchen Clean

At all times, keep the kitchen clean.
Even there is an oil spill wipe it immediately if water pours on the floor or the cabinet mop and clean immediately.
Endeavour to empty the trash to avoid inviting insects and rodents.
The kitchen is one place you cannot afford to leave dirty after all this is where the food we eat is prepared.  

Cost Saving Tips for Bathroom Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Home Maintenance
Another place that can be busy in a house is the bathroom.
And no one likes to use a bathroom that isn’t neat and well kept.
When your bathroom is kept clean at all times, it will look new and stunning.
Below are a few tips you can keep up with to ensure your bathroom is well maintained and clean.
And all of these can be done without the need pf a professional:

2. Check for Water leaks

Taps begin to wear out after being used for a while and start to leak.
However, if you aren’t conversant with waterworks and plumbing, you can call a local plumber to check all the pipes, taps and bathroom fittings.
Then he can tell you which ones need to be adjusted or replaced.
A yearly routine maintenance check is enough to keep all taps and pipes working well for years to come.

3. Grout Sealant

If your bathroom has tiled areas, check to see that they were sealed with grout during installation.
As long as the grout is sealed, it will last longer and prevent it from fading and wearing off.
Grout sealant can last as long as 10 years, the best thing to do to keep it protected at all times is to keep sealing it every seven to nine years.
If during the installation of the tiles a sealant wasn’t used, you can purchase a grout sealant from a tile warehouse.
You could choose to get a cream-based sealant or a spray depending on the tiles type and the area that needs covering. 

Cost Saving Tips for Living Room Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Home Maintenance
The living room is the first and probably the most occupied part of the house.
Visitors, friends and family spend time together in the living room.
Which is why ensuring that it is neat, and comfortable at all times is a necessity.
In order to achieve this, below is a list of things to do:

1. Check your Air Conditioning Unit

If you have an air condition unit, one of the times it is rarely used is during winter or if the unit has heating functions, it would be used to keep your home warm.
How about during the summer period, the air conditioning unit would also be used to cool down.
Meaning that the best time to have it checked and maintained is during autumn.
Make sure you clean the filters and rid-off any dust, grime and dirt, the outdoor unit is exposed to natural hazards and other forms of damages and should be check regularly as well.
You can use the unit’s manual to guide you on how to clean and maintain or get the services of professional to handle it for you.

2. Keep your Curtains or Blinds Clean

Always ensure that your curtains or blinds are kept clean.
Dirt and dust are the major causes behind wear and tear of curtains or blinds and more so can make the house uncomfortable for occupants especially one who is asthmatic or allergic.
Endeavour to take down curtains and dry clean them regularly so that dust doesn’t build up.
As for blinds, dusting them often is the best way to keep them dirt and dust-free.
You can also have it taken care of by companies that offer blind cleaning services if you are having difficulties in cleaning them yourself.

3. Take good care of Floorboards

For a house that have floorboards installed in the living room, it should be kept clean and taken care of regularly.
This not only extends the value of the floorboard but also makes the living room or wherever it’s installed charming.
Make sure it is properly sealed during installation and keep sealing them after a few years to keep them in perfect condition.

Cost-saving Tips for Bedroom Maintenance

Modern bedroom.
The bedroom is best described as a place of rest and as such should be kept clean and beautiful.
A bedroom can be given a new look every now and then as often as you like just by changing the position of things and changing bedsheets and bed covers.
Here are a few things to do to maintain a neat and comfortable bedroom:

1. Air your Room

Allow fresh air and sunlight to penetrate your bedroom by raising your curtain or blinds and opening the windows routinely.
This helps in drying up any residual moisture in your bedroom and clears out dust that can be found on bed frames, room furniture and mattress.
Whenever the weather is bright and sunny, take out the mattress if you can especially during weekends.
This can save you from having to spend money on getting a new mattress or furniture in future.

2. Keep a Clean Closet

Having clothing and shoe items are a necessity for everyone.
What’s even more thrilling is having them in large quantities such that you can always pick out any of your choices and wear.
Sometimes you find out that there are clothes you rarely use or have stopped using, some of these cloths can get worn out or become less fitting.
Take out time to rearrange, reorganise and check for clothes that you can still use and the ones you may decide to sell or give out to a charity store of help others who may need them.
You find out that you could end up blessing someone, earning some extra cash and decongesting your room from excessive unused clothing.

Maintenance Tips for the Garage and Driveway

A man cleaning his driveway.
You may not need to do too much to keep your garage or driveway clean and in perfect condition, but as little as they may seem, it would keep the entrance to your home tidy and good looking.
These simple tips would prevent you from spending money in the future on repairs and replacements.

1. Garage door Maintenance

Once you do a routine check on the garage door and its surroundings, it would help it last longer and take away the need to replace it in the future.
Check for worn-out hinges, door handles, rusty or lose nuts and any other form of damage and have it fixed immediately.
You can apply sprays like WD-40 on parts that look rusty, also spray on the hinges, rollers and tracks yearly.

2. Keep your Driveway Clean and Tidy

Irrespective of the material used on your driveway, maintenance would be required to keep it motorable, accessible and clean in general.
If your driveway is made out of concrete, then resealing it after a couple of years would keep it durable, safe, well maintained and good looking.
When you seal your driveway, it makes it slip-resistant in some cases, hard to wear out and easy to clean.


It is very important to keep your home and surroundings clean and maintained, asides saving money on replacing household items, you also get to leave a healthy lifestyle. 


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