Horoscope Of Zodiac Signs: Know Your Personality

There are 12 zodiac signs which have their own meanings and tell about your personality.

Now you all are thinking about how zodiac signs can tell about our personality? Each zodiac signs have its own desires, strength, weakness, attitude which relates the person’s life and his/her nature. Your zodiac is according to your birth dates which have different moons, planets, or houses of the zodiac.


Have you ever heard about Astrology?

Astrology is a study of outer planets and inner planets which directly influence human nature and the natural world. It is both arts and science.

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Inner Planets :

They move in a continuous duration and affect your day-to-day life, habits, moods, etc. Sun, Moon, Mercury, venus are inner planets.

Outer planets :

These planets move very slowly from 1 year to 15 years. It never affects your daily or weekly life. Big trends of life are changed by these planets. Even Uranus, pluto, or Neptune is the slowest moving planet so it may change the shape of generations.

Each zodiac sign belongs to one element. Water signs, Fire signs, Air signs, Earth signs.

Inner & Outer Planets

Water Signs:

These signs are highly emotional and sensitive. They are too mysterious and they love to do interactions and intimacy. They do not like to do work openly and always stand behind their loved ones. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces are called Water signs.

Earth signs:

They are down-to-earth people. They like to be realistic, loyal, and stable in life. They always stand with their people in hard times. They can also be emotional. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn are Earth Signs.

Air Signs:

They are broad thinkers, friendly, logical, and great analyzers. Air signs are sensible, lovable, social, and love to maintain relations with other people. They love to do events, physiological discussions, and books. They give good advice. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius are air signs.

Fire Signs:

They are over-emotional, aggressive, or passionate. They get aggressive with others quickly but forgive them easily. As their sign is fire so they are adventurous or have high energy. They are creative, self-aware, or intelligent. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are fire signs.

Horoscope Of Zodiac signs


Aries Horoscope(March 21st To April 19)

I will start with Aries as we know they are fire signs. Why they are so special they have something which surprised everyone with their hidden personality. They never think before acting aries are always in a hurry which makes them thoughtless but they are competitive, born leader or full of energy. Aries have many friends or sometimes they are a little selfish. When it comes to romance aries take initiative without any fear like if they love someone they will propose to her/ him because they are fearless taking risk and trial is hobbies of aries.

  • Weaknesses of Aries are impatient, self-involved, aggressive, moody.
  • Strengths of aries are enthusiastic, trustworthy, independent, passionate.


Taurus Horoscope(April 20 To May 31)

Taurus represents Bull and Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of calmness, love, gratitude, or beauty which makes them realistic and practical. They are good money makers or devoted to the person to whom they love Taurus believe in a long-term relationship. Bulls are stiff, strong-willed and uncompromising Taurus is just like bulls. In relationships, they are over-possessive, will not get love easily for the love they have to struggle. They believe in loyalty, a person who is loyal to them Taurus will stand with them their whole life like a rock.

  • Strength: Practical, devoted, reliable, loyal, or natural.
  • Weakness: Uncompromising, pushed for what to do, disruptions, possessive.


Gemini Horoscope(May 22 To June 21)

Oh, Gemini I am Gemini. Gemini represents twins and they are naturally multi-taskers or charming people who get attracted to them automatically. They can handle many people at a single time, they love to interact with new people, friends, colleagues (Social Birds). They are always ready to do fun, excitement, and passion. Their open mind makes them a journalist or writer. Gemini is a talented, challenging, fun-loving sign that took birth to experience everything out in the world. Gemini’s have no fear and always have a smile on their face.

  • Weakness: Nervous, restless, inconsistent.
  • Strength: Adaptable, Flexible, Responsive, Ability to learn quickly.


Cancer Horoscope(June 22 To July 22)

Cancer is represented by crabs. They are very emotional and sensitive. They love to spend alone time but when it comes to family or loved ones they stand with them till the end. They are known for the hardworking and honesty s priority in life. Cancer sign is known for romance and they love someone freely and wholeheartedly. Lack of impatience, manipulative and sympathetic and they love to be with sharing their feeling with those who understand silently or share their daily life.

  • Weakness: Insecure, Manipulative, Suspicious.
  • Strength: Loyal, Helpful, Emotional, Imaginative, Patient.


Leo Horoscope(July 23 To August 22)

Leo represents lions who are very strong and can complete their work easily with the sense of power they have. Lion hates to get hurt their feelings, they are passionate love but dominant too and lions are the king of jungle much like that leos are also confident and can lead numerous groups. Everyone gets attracted with leos they have a great fan following on social media. They are full of energy that’s why they can solve any problem. Always remember don’t apply other’s point-of-view, value your opinions for your own.

  • Weakness: Arrogant, Inflexible, Vain, Domineering.
  • Strength: Warm-hearted, Lavish Living, Creative, Passionate.


Virgo Horoscope(August 23 To September 22)

Virgo the virgin can solve any situation whether it is about the world or their own. Virgo has well-organized life even when they go to parties or chaos they have set their boundary lines for everything. They are over-thinker, they think even on those topics which are useless for others. Virgo have love of God and they believe in one love for whole life and make efforts to keep the relation and sexual life interesting forever. Their advice is useful but they have a shy side also. They are too choosy for bringing anything into their lives.

  • Weakness: Obsessive, Shyness, worry
  • Strength: Loyal, Analytical, Practical, Intelligent


Libra Horoscope(September 23 To October 22)

Libra sign is a scaled sign which means they are balanced in life, peaceful, fair, or hate being alone. For them love is very important as they always take care of their partner’s needs and please them. Only one thing that is truly important in life is peace wherever they go try to make the environment peaceful if it’s possible. They hate conflicts, complications and they can fight for equality and justice. Libra has very good intuitions power.

  • Weakness: Always carry grudges, self-centered, Indecisive
  • Strength: Fair-minded, Cooperative, Gentleness


Scorpio Horoscope(October 23 To November 22)

Scorpio the scorpion is the best lover in the zodiac sign. They are intense and confident people. When they make relations they maintain it with respect and trust. They are deadly dedicated to their loves and faithful. They will never give up on loyalty. If someones cheat them they try to seek revenge, they are all possessive of their feelings. Scorpion loves to do parties, while scorpion is also the worst sign in zodiac signs because they only want good things with them not bad.

  • Weakness: Jealous, Secretive, Manipulating, Stubborn
  • Strength: Passionate, Magnetic, Loyal, Trustworthy


Sagittarius Horoscope(November 23 To December 21)

Sagittarius the centaur they are the happiest person in this world they are the funniest and entertaining person in you will find. They are travel lovers amongst all zodiac signs. Sags are argumentative and thoughtless when situations are not running according to their wish. They want loyal friends and lovers in life and biggest goal achievers. They always choose a number of directions at a single time. Their boundaries have no limits, sags are slow to commit in a relationship. They are weak in completing promises.

  • Weakness: Argumentative, Undiplomatic, impatiens
  • Strength: Great sense of humor, Enthusiastic, Honest.


Capricorn Horoscope(December 22 To January 20)

Capricorn the Goat is a sign which is known for time and responsibility, they are serious by nature and they are good organizers. Capricorn learns from their mistakes, never give up and you can achieve goals in hard situations also. Saturn is the planet of Capricorn which makes them ruling and practical. They don’t believe in permanent relationships, they are too choosy in romance. They are always ready to solve other’s problems and situations.

  • Weakness: Headstrong, Unforgivable, Selfish
  • Strength: Responsible, Self Controlled, Good managers


Aquarius Horoscope(January 21 To February 21)

Aquarius the Water Bearer is quiet and born to be live alone but at times they are energetic or uncommon. They are very helpful to others, deep thinkers, and intelligent. They never allow emotions to come between in the path of success. Wherever they go are always to ready to collect all positivities. They love to live according to their own rules, in romance they are weak because of straight forward nature. This sign can talk for a day and people get difficulty to know them because sometimes they are independent more than needed.

  • Weakness: Sarcastic, Rebellious, Temperamental
  • Strength: Dreamer, Independent, Original


Pisces Horoscope(February 19 To March 20)

Pisces the fish is known for an intuitive sign. Most heartful, pure and they always search out for new people in life. You have the power of knowledge but you don’t know this. This sign likes adventures, social events. Very sensitive sign amongst all zodiac signs, highly emotional and selfless in a relationship. Pisces always care for his/ her partner’s needs above their own needs. They are also known for being artists and creative, they have their own dream world. Pisces help others without expecting any returns from those people. This sign catch attention of people around them and maybe a leader also.

  • Weakness: Escape Reality, Fearful, Sad
  • Strength: Imaginative, Gentle, Wise, Musical



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