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1. You pregame your lunch with your crew by:


A. Stuffing your tote with your last ration of week-old pizzas.

B. Taking everyone’s order and asking them to pay up first so you can have a sangria without worrying about the check breakdown.

C. Booking the ₹50,000 party room. You need extra space to sabre your magnum bottle of Dom Perignon.


2. While twerking and rinding a la RiRi, your fave pair of jeans rips down the crack. Repair plan?


A. Crowdfund safety pins and boob tape. You’re a Project Runway junkie.

B. Tag the brand’s account in a stream of enraged Tweets until the grant you a refund.

C. Send an Uber for your personal seamstress, stat.


3. Time to go in with your siblings on mom’s prezzie. You decide on:


A. Homemade coupons pledging time spent in line with her for breakfast at McDonald’s!

B. A half-price YSL wallet. You’ll cover it only if they pay their shares by EOD…or they risk raking up the interest.

C. A Lamborghini with monogrammed headrests and a Swarovski-studded wheel. #PimpMomsRide.


4. Friday’s forecast predicts super-level temps, so you:


A. Scale the side of a hotel with a bedsheet ladder to sneak into the rooftop pool.

B. Call the electric company every five minutes until your bill hits the roof, then cut the AC and resort to hand fans.

C. Book a first-class flight to Norway and put yourself up in a chic, nice hotel.


5. The last roll of TP just ran out. Who’s buying?

Toilet paper

A. No one. You’ve been smuggling it from office all this time with total ease!

B. Your roomie. You bought it last time…and made a spreadsheet for sh*t like this.

C. Toilet paper? Ha! You only use derm-approved, vitamin-coated toiletry tissues!


The Breakdown

Mostly As: Pinching Pennies

You cherish every money note, and won’t even dish out a single for a small fry. It’s savvy to save, but being too budget-obsessed will drive everyone cray.

Set up a small ‘Fun Fund’ – you’ll never notice the difference in cash flow, and when it’s time to indulge, you won’t miss out.

Mostly Bs: Spending Smart

You know where to save and where to spend, but get hung up on every little IOU. making your friends pony up every time you get the check could paint you as more of a bank than a buddy.

Instead of demanding an instant refund, have some chill and trust that they’ll cover you next time.


Mostly Cs: Making It Rain


Can you say Champagne taste? You love to treat yo’self even when your bank account needs love. While acting a kween and living a lavish life is #Rich, it’s not reality.

Try mapping out your money: pick a few crucial things to splurge on, and dial back on everything else.

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