How Entrepreneurs Can Inculcate The Habit Of ‘Eating Right’

How Entrepreneurs Can Inculcate The Habit Of ‘Eating Right’
Don't be THAT guy.

Eating right is crucial for Entrepreneurs to be able to hustle 24/7.

Being an entrepreneur is no child’s play; it involves cracking deals, planning strategies, meeting deadlines, looking presentable and striking the risk/reward balance.

According to the philosophy of Yoga, our physical bodies are a direct reflection of the food we consume.

New research and studies have agreed with the age-old Indian philosophy and are now spreading awareness about the kind of food we should be consuming and at what time, and how it affects our brain and body.

Eating right not only decides how we look but also how we think, execute plans, and make decisions.

Getting the right diet hence is crucial for entrepreneurs to be able to crack deals, plan strategies, meet deadlines, look presentable and strike the risk/reward balance, basically hustle 24/7.

Eating right means developing good eating habits.

Here’s how you can focus on eating right:

  1. Start your day with a heavy brekkie

I know you’ve read it a thousand times already, and you must read it again because that’s just how important it is.

Starting your day with a heavy brekkie means staying high on energy and light on your feet.

I know the idea of stuffing our stomach early in the morning might sound revolting to some, but it actually keeps you more focused and energetic throughout the day.

Wake up to a bowl of fresh fruits or an assortment of nuts or a piping hot homemade breakfast and consume it within 30 minutes of waking up.

If you love romancing a cup of tea or coffee, then you may have it after you’ve had a filling breakfast.

Start your day with a heavy brekkie
Start your day with a heavy brekkie


  1. Plan your meals in advance

Use your nifty planning skills outside your business and in your life.

Plan your meals well in advance so that you can utilize your time and energy on actual work.

This will also result in a staggering decrease in the number of food accidents/crisis/emergencies (like binging on junk at 4 am in the morning when you were on a strict healthy diet), you need to be planning well in advance.

Eat frequently and in small quantities that will give you the feeling of being ‘full’ and keep you energetic all day long.


  1. You need that 4 pm sugar rush

Most of us tend to skip snacks and to avoid that I recommend you plan your snacks along with your lunch.

You can opt for yogurts, protein-rich bars, coconut water, low fat or fat-free cheese slice, or a candy (allowed only on cheat days, though).


  1. Make healthier food choices

Indulge yourself in fresh, local and seasonal foods as they are healthier than packed foods.

While packed foods look tempting and taste delicious, they aren’t fresh and add to your bulging love handles, which hampers the overall productivity and negatively affects your bottom line.

Yes, it’s time to throw out the cookies and replace them with dry fruits, colas with juices, cakes with yogurt.

Make healthier food choices
Make healthier food choices


  1. Maintain proper food gaps

Give your body the time it needs to process the food you’ve just eaten. Make a food schedule and stick to it.

For instance, you must keep a gap of 2 hours between dinner and bedtime.

By doing so, you will wake up in high spirits and avoid feeling acidic or bloated in the morning.

You’ll be prepped for that busy day ahead.


  1. Opt for a light dinner

keeping the dinner light will allow your body to digest everything before you doze off.

Stick to stews, wholesome salads, rice with a side of sautéed veggies.

And, of course, steer clear of too much alcohol.

Behind every successful man is a woman” (who probably ensured he ate right!).