Find out now.

1. As far as you’re concerned, plans made while drunk are…


A. As firm as Pam Anderson’s b***s.

B. Meant to be felt out on GChat the next morning when you’re both hungover at work.

C. Wait, why? Did we make plans last night?


2. You run into an annoying satellite friend at a party and let her strong-arm you into making a wine date for the following week. What’s your next move?


 A. Sigh. Practice my fake smile for when she inevitably scrolls through a zillion shots of her dachshund.

B. Promptly cancel two days later via e-mail. Neither of you really wanted to meet up right?

C. Text her 20 minutes before your meeting time and tell her you ate some bad seafood for lunch.


3. For you, what constitutes an emergency?

Pink nailpaint

A. Someone’s house is burning down. Or no, the actual person would have to be on fire.

B. There’s an earthquake watch-two nations away, but, like, it’s coming for us!

C. A chip in your gel manicure. Sorry guys, all plans are off.


4. What’s your tolerance for the flakiness of others?


A. Zero. In fact, I’m starting a non-profit for flakiness prevention.

B. Eh, what can you do? They probably just didn’t want to see me.

C. Just text me before I’ve left my house and we’re cool.


5. Have you ever pulled identical faux excuses on the same person?


A. No way- I always show up. No excuses.

B. Probably, but I have chronic migraines. No, seriously, I do!

C. Sure. I just have to remember that she thinks I have an aunt who falls sick like it’s a hobby.


The Breakdown

Mostly A’s: Death Before Flaking

You are as dependable as FedEx and won’t miss a drinks date-even if it’s inside an active volcano.

But before you sh*itlist a friend for flaking, remember: it’s okay for you to say no sometimes too. Respectfully canceling plans, in advance, won’t send you to hell on a spaceship.

Mostly B’s: The Neurotic Semi-Flake

You’re hyper-aware of people’s feelings. Sometimes, you’ll flake because of so-called ‘hints’ that the other person doesn’t feel like meeting up.

Don’t overthink it. Just because she says she’s tired doesn’t mean she’s trying to weasel out of your wine date.


Mostly C’s: Flakier than Puff Pastry

Weddings? Funerals? If you don’t feel like it, you won’t go. Props for taking time for you, but you don’t want to be the ‘Girl Who Cried Emergency’.

Maybe you flake a lot because you say yes to too many things. The fix: don’t overbook and you won’t over bail.


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