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1. Your number in the food pickup line just got called. It’s 69. You:

  • Shoot daggers at whoever sniggers. Grow up already.
  • Keep biting your tongue till you lose the urge to LOL.
  • Feel like sauntering up and saying, ‘Your place or mine?’


2. What kind of art do you want to see on a museum date?


  • Sedate pastel watercolors.
  • Nudes. You’ll adjust your commentary to your date’s sense of humor.
  • Ancient statues, so you can get as close as possible to their marble ‘parts’ to take selfies.


3. If someone sent an official e-mail in search of a computer dongle, you’d:

  • Delete, stat. You gag just looking at the word (and don’t even start with moist).
  • Send a screenshot to your friends with a bunch of laughing emojis.
  • Muse that you might have seen some on Tinder…


4. When you’re at the yoga class in the happy-baby pose, you can’t help but say:


  • Nothing and avoid all eye contact.
  • ‘Talk about opening up to someone…’
  • ‘Is this how you can get a coregasm?’


5. Whenever you come across a ‘men at work’ sign, you:

  • Respect the rules of the road and slow down.
  • Think back to when you and your ex used that phrase as code for a quickie.
  • Consider telling the other passenger that you’ve had enough ‘working men’ in your life as is.


The Breakdown

Mostly As

Perennially PG

You’re oblivious to innuendo…or just ill at ease with it. Being modest is your prerogative, but if your chastise every risque remark, your pals may think they can’t be candid around you.

Let a naughty thought or two cross your mind – you might just enjoy it.


Mostly Bs

Naughty(ish) By Nature

You entertain racy ideas to stoke sexiness in life, but while you’re amused by others, you rarely get outwardly raunchy yourself.

Under some circumstances (e.g., away from your boss), you let loose, but you know there’s a time and place for these kinds of jokes.


Mostly Cs

Recklessly Racy

You put an indecent spin on everything. That’s mostly okay – especially if it’s not verbalized.

Bringing levity is a good goal, but forcing sexualized humor on others isn’t cool. Know the crowd before unleashing the NSFW stuff, and save the spicy musings for bae.