How NOT to Conduct an Interview: Some Common Interviewer Mistakes

The success of an organization heavily depends on the interviewer skills.

But, it is a mere fact that, in most of the organizations, interviews are conducted poorly, ultimately leads to wrong hirings.

Here we have got you covered with how not to conduct an interview: some common interviewer mistakes.

Apart from thousands of dollars, hiring a wrong person can create troublesome situations for the organization.

HR is, doubtlessly, a job of endless responsibilities.

Hence, it is must ensure that you are well prepared to interview and hire the right person for the right job and have a good day.


Most Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Being an HR, it is just to avoid these mistakes, especially those who are newbies in the field.


Being Unaware of Hiring needs

Having in-depth knowledge of hiring needs is vital to find the right people.

For instance, if you are hiring for website designers and developers, they have different experience and skills.

You need to understand the job roles first, then you will be able to prepare the right questions, and of course the answers you can expect.

You may have to do some homework while hiring for different positions, but it is a very important process.


I can Judge within a Minute

Most HR professionals have wrong psychology that they are experienced enough to judge people within a minute.

The very quick and useless assumption is sure to arrive if you think you can judge within minutes.

It is nothing but overconfidence on the abilities of hiring.

Be open-minded and ready to listen.


Having the Same Interviewing Style

Some HRs follow the same hiring process for all. It may include getting the form filled and some common questions like “tell me something about yourself”.

Remember, every mind and individual are different.

You can’t make the right judgement if you follow the same process for everyone.


Finding Negatives

Some recruiters focus on finding that one weak point on which they can create some additional questions.

They may sound unprofessional in the interview, probably a poor response to eliminate a candidate.

Remember, every candidate will come with different strengths and weaknesses and judging all in such a way is a sign that you need to polish your hiring skills.


Reading Resume in front of Candidate

This is the most common mistake made by recruiters.

They read resumes in front of the candidates that are literally un-professional.

It is a question on your preparedness for conducting an interview.

You can’t read a resume and at the same time, decide the questions you need to ask.


It’s Fine if a Candidate is Waiting, NO!

Sometimes, candidates wait for hours to face the interview and HRs have the freedom to go for the lunch as candidates are sure to wait.

Time is precious for everyone, make sure you value other people’s time the way you value yours.


Making more Questions and Explaining Less

Why did you choose this field? Why did you leave your last company? What if you have to face work pressure? What is the issue in your career? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

There are endless questions candidates have to face.

How many companies do recruiters explain where they see their company in the next 6 months or a year?

I guess only a handful of them.


Final Words

Making such mistakes and wrong decisions will cost a company a lot.

On the other hand, it will adversely affect someone’s confidence.

Make sure to make wise decisions that benefit both the company and the candidate.


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