How Passionate Are You?

Take this simple quiz to find out how passionate are you.

How Passionate Are You

1. Oh, hey there, Monday morning. As you lift your head off the pillow, you’re:

  • Already positioning positive intentions in your Insta Story.
  • Beelining to the sacred altar that is your coffee machine. No seizing the day till caffeination has commenced.
  • Smashing the snooze button.


How Passionate Are You

2. Your latest hobby is pottery making. By your second class, you:

  • Quit your day job and move to the hills to open a ceramics studio.
  • Try selling your shiz on Etsy as a side hustle.
  • Return all your supplies to the art store. Wet clay, not so chic.


How Passionate Are You

3. You’re at a super-posh restaurant and really feelin’ your date. You show it by:

  • Initiating next-level PDA-fest that toes the line of public lewdness.
  • Keeping the PDA covert – a little bit goes a long way.
  • Giving a PG hand squeeze. Showing affection isn’t your thang.


How Passionate Are You

4. Your activist BFF invites you to a climate-change rally, you:

  • Show up with a megaphone and publicly humiliate anyone with a plastic bottle.
  • Gladly go, but don’t get too vocal. After all, you’re not trying to get arrested.
  • Pass. Nothing could make you brave a crowd this size – not even front-row tickets to Beyonce.


How Passionate Are You

5. Your favorite band is in town for a concert. You’ll probably:

  • Spend your entire paycheck on seats so that you can toss the lead singer your panties and note on how he ‘4eva changed your life’.
  • Fangirl appropriately (in throwback merch, belting every song) from the nosebleeds.
  • Meh, not interested. Been there, done that.


The breakdown

Mostly As

Perma Impassioned

You pursue everything to the fullest…and with all the feels. That kind of dedication is rare, but like all good things, too much can overwhelm you (and those around you).

Try to focus your extra mentality on just one or two things at a time, and make sure nothing turns into an unhealthy obsession.


Mostly Bs

Pretty Pumped

You follow your passions but never go overboard. For the most part, that’s perfect, but don’t let your sense of self-awareness keep you from going full throttle every once in a while.

A burst of intensity at just the right moment can awaken your bad*ass and inspire others.


Mostly Cs

Always Unenthused

Girl, you are all business. It’ll serve you well when sh*t hits the fan, but it’s never lame to show genuine interest. Igniting your fire inside you is so hard.

Start with a small gesture to show someone you care and your enthusiasm will be contagious. Soon, life will take on a super-exciting new journey.


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