How People Feel When They Get Hit on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has about 530 million users and is unquestionably the world’s largest professional networking site.

The sole purpose of LinkedIn is to help its users keep tabs on their career connections and facilitate networking with other individuals in their field.

However, over the last few years, some individuals have started using it for other fulfilling purposesdating.

While most women would be fine with a dalliance, I’m not.

Personally, I have started dreading opening my inbox because someone or the other is always hitting on me.

It seems as though LinkedIn has become like only where no one is looking for marriage and just looking to have some ahem…fun.

What really happened to the platform where individuals came together to talk about business?

Where individuals made connections to stay updated, networked with each other and there was a sense of decency.

Where have these people disappeared to? What went wrong?

Let me elaborate.

While I don’t have the resources to get the exact numbers to see how many individuals get hit on LinkedIn every day, I did ask around and look what I found! Men and women alike have been approached by someone or the other.

I am sharing with you some of the most desperate (and hilarious) messages received by me and my friends.

I hope you see my point then!

1. I bet that reply burned more than that hot cup of coffee!


I bet that coffee turned cold and hopefully nasty coz that’s what you deserve *despo*! Yeah, also, if I was the server I would definitely spit in that coffee.


2. Because businessmen are perseverant…

Aspiring to set the new heights of being desperate sir?

Individuals like you will be waiting until 2060.


3. Super cheesy? Yes, please.

This one happens to be my favorite and for obvious reasons. Mr Sharma has never seen anyone as pretty as my friend in TWENTY SEVEN YEARS.

It isn’t DDLJ Sharmaji, it’s LinkedIn and you should focus on work so stop being a creep and ogling at women.

Oh and spare us with that kind of meaningless apology next time, because you ain’t fooling anybody with that!

Linkedin Chat
Linkedin Chat

P.S: Mr Sharma, you should’ve assured the quality of your thoughts before being a quality assistant though.


4.”Aao kabhi haveli pe” certainly didn’t take long to change into “Aao kabhi Whatsapp ya FB pe

I am Straightforward
But do I like you? ABSOLUTELY NOT.



Unnecessary Talk
Shut up already *rolls eye*

We had to hide the company’s name here but we don’t have to hide from such perverts.

I have found some very fitting ways to deal with such individuals and read on to prepare yourselves for the future:

  1. Don’t accept invites from unknown people

As simple as it sounds, filtering people beforehand will save you a lot of drama.

While I know it doesn’t guarantee that people you know won’t stoop so low but that significantly reduces the chances, doesn’t it?


  1. Stay calm

I know it’s hard to stay calm when you’re reeling.

But you have to stay strong and think before you make a move.


  1. Collect proof

It doesn’t matter if it’s an obscene photo or a profane text, you must make sure that you save it somehow.

This will help you protect yourself if and when things get messier.

Don’t be afraid to record or take your screenshots because it’s all for your protection.

Block that bugger once you’re done with collecting evidence though.


  1. Report it to the social networking service

LinkedIn users can report harassment by flagging conversations that are offensive or inappropriate.

If the company refuses to take charge, then it’s time to march down to the nearest police station.


  1. Expose them

Depending on how angry you are, you might want to expose them publicly.

Yes, your name might be dragged along this pervert’s but you will look like a brave person who took a stand and didn’t shy away or get scared.

Share the recording or the screenshot on all your active platforms so that not only this sleaze-ball learns a lesson but other people know what will happen to them if they try to mess with you.

Go ahead and set an example.


  1. Report it

If you receive lewd texts and images and are too scared to deal with them on your own, then report them.

A lot of men and women aren’t aware but we have stringent laws to protect ourselves. Section 66 A of the Information Technology Act is one such act.

File a complaint or an FIR at the nearest police station or with the cyber investigation cell.

Tell the police all the details about this person and it’s fine even if you don’t have all the details.

Take action against them because your ignorance is an encouragement to them.



There are times I don’t even trust my inbox because I have seen some very desperate people who unashamedly send you indecent messages.

It’s insulting, to say the least. I am writing this article on behalf of all the men and women who are on LinkedIn for professional purposes.

Believe me, we are here for work and not work and play. I

f we really wanted to play, wouldn’t we be on a dating app such as Tinder or OK Cupid or Coffee Meets Bagel?

Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of unwelcomed and daunting content so respect other people and their boundaries.

There are plenty of dating sites and apps for you but don’t use LinkedIn as one.


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