How Social media in the workplace can fuel your success

In this modern era of digital times where people are more connect through social media platforms than the real world, In such a scenario Social media could be the deal of wonders for your workplace.

I still remember the time when Social media was just confined to connecting with friends, chatting, sharing, liking and commenting but today the things have changed and these social media platform are not less than a fuel to success for your business.

Social media use

According to a survey held in January 2017, it was found that there were more than 2.7 Billion active Social media users from all over the world, which is nearly about 37 percentage of the total population also it was found that more than 90 percentage of businesses prefer social media platforms for their promotion as it acts as a very decent and effective tool for business promotion and marketing.

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Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram has been like a gem to businesses.

The report below shows the usage of these Social media platforms in B2C ( Business to customers) promotions where Facebook leads the tally and is closely followed by others.

How Social media in the workplace can fuel your success

Isn’t this Amazing?

Now let us have a look at how these social media can play the trick for your business…

Promote your Brand – The Majority of population are using Social media platforms, so this can be a perfect place to promote your brand awareness among the people in a very hassle free manner.

Get Business Leads –The Social media platforms offer professional promotion in order to generate leads for business which may include sponsored and lead generating ads.

Get Leads

Increase your Sales Getting a better platform where you can find your match made and targeted customers will definitely boost up the business sales.

Low Investment – Generally the promotions can simply be free or paid one which can be easily done without spending much and you can get some impressive results out of it.

Grow your Network – It can be said that a growing business goes hand in hand with a good network. Using Social media for promotion can help you to establish a wider network among your targeted customers with the period of time.

Proper Analysis –

Proper Analysis

Another great benefit of using a social media platform is that you get a proper and systematic report and analysis about things like the traffic of customers, preferred product by the customers, sales and many more. This way you can prepare yourself in a finer way and you come to know where to work in order to improve your performance.

Social media in the workplace can have various advantages but can create a dilemma in some cases, like a negative feedback or comment can create a bad impression for a brand, carelessness in promotion or posting can also create a problem.

How Social media in the workplace can fuel your success

Another complication that can be faced here is that a hacker can unknowingly get access to your account and misuse your account in bad means but despite of all the merits and demerits, Social media has been like a treasure for marketing industry and has helped in gripping up the reach of businesses to their customers in a facile manner.

Seeing to the tremendous growth Social media has given to the businesses in the past few years it will be no wonder in assuming that it will take over other promotion platforms to a very great extent.

If you are poised to strengthen your business by promoting your brand then promotion on social media platform will be the best option to intensify your brand awareness among your targeted audience.

I have mentioned the best of what a Social media in a workplace could do and has been doing for businesses. With best wishes for your business I will be back will a article soon.

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Dean Kaplan
Dean Kaplan
Dean Kaplan is president of The Kaplan Group, a commercial collection agency specializing in large claims and international transactions. He has 35 years of manufacturing, international business leadership and customer service experience. Today, he provides business planning, training and consultation to a variety of global companies.

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