How to Become Famous on Instagram

800 Million! Yes, this is the number of monthly active users on Instagram.

The number itself defines how wildly popular this social site is.

Alike other social platforms, Instagram has become a habit of people around the globe, especially in the US.

Everyone today wishes to gain popularity on Instagram, more visibility, more followers, more likes! But, it is a mere fact that achieving fame on Instagram is a ‘hard nut to crack’. You have to do (or be) something extraordinary to get that ‘K” mark in your followers!

Are you wondering how to become famous on Instagram? well, here are a few tricks you must try.

More followers will surely help you gain confidence.

Try These Tricks to Become Instagram Famous

1. Have your own Unique Style

Having your own style is an utmost necessity to gain more followers on Instagram.

A unique visual content style is sure to captivate the eyeball of people and you will surely get more hits on your profile.

Take a look at some famous Instagram profiles from where you can get the idea how people represent themselves and what kind of content, images, GIFs are more likely to be liked by people.


2. Be Creative with #Hashtags

Remember, never be Boring!

Be funny and outrageous, think beyond one word. Try to make use of hashtags that define a part of your story and better if you mix things up!

Again, you can spend some time on Instagram, find highly popular profiles and check out the way these profiles have made use of hashtags.

This is how you can gain a better idea of using hashtags differently.


4. Participate in Conversations

Make use of super popular hashtags wherever you can.

Also, use topically relevant hashtags in your conversations to get in touch with like-minded and right people.

Some universally popular hashtags such as #instagood, #tbt, #photooftheday are sure to bring you in front of right people.


5. Cross-promotion of Hashtags

Creating your company’s hashtag is a nice thing to do. For instance, if you create a hashtag let say- #samsstudio.

But, it is not enough to stick the hashtag on your profile only. Start cross promoting hashtags on other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Take the game offline, from radio and TV to all other advertisement sources, promote your hashtag everywhere you can.

Try reaching to people, don’t always wait for people to come to you!


6. Your Bio URL Matters!

Mostly, people use their website’s homepage URL in bio and leave it as is for long.

You can make use of a clickable link in bio and share your most recent contents to make it more visible.

In turn, this will drive traffic to the contents of your choice and you can do this weekly or bi-weekly.


7. Be Descriptive

All you need is to generate engagement and sharing and hence, never neglect the power of words.

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words, but you must never ignore the words entirely.

Most successful profiles on Instagram such as National Geographic utilize images along with contents in a completely unique way.

Don’t worry if it feels messy in the beginning.


8. Identify and Follow Influencers

Track the profiles of influencers in your industry and follow them.

Now, “Turn on Post Notifications” so that you can be aware of what these influencers are sharing.

Get yourself involved in the conversations when possible.

It will boost the interaction from your profile and will surely prove to be beneficial.


9. Eliminate tagged Photos from your Profile

It is vital and helpful to create your own content about your business or brand.

You have all the freedom to be creative to attract people.

You can choose “Edit Tags” from where you can remove the unwanted stuff from your Instagram profile.

It really does the trick and maintains the style of your profile.


10. Approve Photo Tags

Approve Photo Tags
Approve Photo Tags

Unwanted photo tags are sure to create embarrassing situations.

You have the option to approve photo tags prior it becomes visible on the profile.

Find the option in “Options,” “Photos of You” and “Add Manually” where you can set things up.

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11. Don’t forget your Calls to Action

Do you know what you want people to do with your posts?

If you don’t, figure it out first and then start posting.

How clever and creative can you be with your call to action? Can you make people do what you want them to do with your posts?


12. Respond to People’s Comment

Though it takes a couple of seconds to make a comment on any post, time is valuable for everyone.

When someone comments on your post, they expect (and must get) response. Be it a “Thank You”, but it must be there.

People who comment must feel that their comment is valued and acknowledged.

Try these tricks and see the difference it can make in your Instagram profile.



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