How To Break Up With Your Co-Worker
How To Break Up With Your Co-Worker

Dating your co-worker is a big no-no but there are times when you just have to ask that co-worker out.

Some relationships turn out to give us some serious #couplegoals but it’s a gamble, isn’t it?

Only one-third of office romances end up in marriage because office romance is always more complex and not everyone’s cup of tea.

True love often comes with a risk of break up but in this case, it also comes at the risk of your job and career.

Let us show you How To Break Up With Your Co-Worker by taking the necessary precautions to strategically end your relationship.

Believe me, it will minimize the nightmarish career-altering aftermath.

  1. Wrong time, Wrong Place

Nothing will be as daunting as a badly timed break-up or choosing the wrong place to break-up with your co-worker.

Do it at the right time and pick up a suitable spot to end things with your co-worker.

Don’t just waltz in the middle of their meeting and blurt it out.

If you have office five days a week then you should wait until Friday and then talk to them so that it gives your partner to cool off and minimize the damage.


  1. Don’t Accuse Them

Accusing them of ‘robbing your happiness’ or ‘making you unhappy’ will only cause more trouble.

Rather than playing the blame game, I suggest you take charge of your own feelings and your role in the break-up.

Use statements with the word “I” and see how everything changes.

If you say “Lisa I don’t think things will work out between us now” or “I don’t feel happy anymore” your partner will be much more understanding about the whole situation.

This simple technique is highly effective because it tends to take the edge off the whole situation and makes it a whole lot better.

Be Empathetic
Be Empathetic


  1. Be Prepared for the Unseen

It’s natural for your partner to feel enraged, surprised or hurt and they might say or do things to get even with you. P

repare yourself to face the worst.

Your partner might even question your motives and rather than losing your cool, just be honest and reaffirm how you feel.


  1. Convince them to be Cooperative

You probably might have discussed how you two would deal if things don’t work out at the beginning of the happy relationship.

But in case you haven’t, then be patient and explain it to them why being co-operative will benefit both of you.

Maintaining a professional relationship and dealing with the break-up like responsible adults will make things a whole lot easier.


  1. Be Considerate

Your break-up will get nasty if you let things heat up.

Take the high road when it comes to breaking up with your co-worker.

Even if they decide to do it publicly, don’t follow suit.

Resist the urge to get even with them as it will only make things worse and put others in an awkward position.

Be polite considerate of your partner’s feelings during and after the break-up.