How To Build Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is your identity.

To master the art of branding, you must learn to align what others think about your brand and what you want others to think about your brand.

You can only shape the public perception if you decide what you want it to be like.

Creating an impressive identity isn’t all that hard.

Answer a few questions before you begin- How would people around you describe your brand? Does their description match the message you are trying to convey?

If not, then you know you gotta change it.

Sit down to examine and decide what you want your brand to stand for.

Like every individual, every brand has something unique to offer.

To find out what that is, look at your brand from another person’s view.


  1. Write a killer bio

That’s because that’s the first thing people read about your brand.

Write a summary of your brand- the purpose, mission, principles, awards, work, life, charity, culture- everything that is relevant to your brand.

People will find it easier to associate with your brand if they understand what it stands for.

First impression is the last impression– so make it count!


  1. Proofread

Snuggle into a comfortable spot and re-read your bio as if you were reading someone else’s bio.

Do you like the way it sounds? Is it impressive? Do you think you can do any better? Is there anything you should change?

Make the necessary changes until your bio is perfect.


  1. Insert important keywords

Most individuals have a killer bio and still don’t succeed at building a brand simply because they did not know this: by inserting keywords that define you, you increase the chances of being searched and also attract people who were looking for those in the first place.


  1. Be very visual

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Include high definition images related to your brand, videos, GIFs- anything and everything that adds more aesthetic value to your brand.

Give your audience what they are looking for.

Be very visual
Be very visual with the media used for your personal brand


  1. Create a story and stick to it

Brand build according to what you want to achieve and where you want to go.

Identify the best of your brand and create a story that will make the audience believe in it.

Continue the story so that it enables you to perform better.


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