Marketing strategies are like the north star- it should be your team’s manifesto.

An effective marketing strategy will get you anything you want and a useless email strategy will cost you everything.

Read on to know how to create and execute outstanding marketing strategies that will help you achieve your goals.

You’re probably wondering how to create a marketing campaign or how to plan a marketing campaign that will help you accomplish the desired results.

Well, before you roll up your sleeves and pull up your socks, make sure that you start by defining your goals and then design strategies that align with your goals.

Then, you must work on operationalizing and executing them. It’s easier said than done.

Therefore, follow these tried and tested ways to get you solid results.

  1. Start with identifying your goals

It doesn’t matter what kind of strategy you are currently using- digital, demand generation, content, partnership, events, etc.- as long as you’re not using the correct marketing strategy.

Identify the goals you want to achieve (short term as well as long-term) and also the opportunities you can exploit.

This will help you begin on the right note and help you visualize.

Here are some pointers that will help you prep up:

a. What is your vision?

What is it that you desire to achieve the most?

This question will help you see the bigger picture and analyze the best way to accomplish your goals.


b. Identify your core competencies and market opportunities

Recognize all the areas where you can make the biggest impact.


c. How can you connect with your customers?

Consider where and how you can connect with your customers at all the stages of your journey.

These points will ensure that you are heading in the right direction that will help you achieve your overall goal and keep your customers engaged.


2. Create kickass marketing strategies

This is the time you roll up your sleeves and brainstorm with your colleagues.

Plan sessions, ask questions, hold discussions, take constructive criticism and feedback- leave no stone unturned.

Co-create this strategy with your team.

Consider the bottlenecks, define milestones, and prioritize to create a flawless marketing strategy and execute it without a hitch.

To ensure that you get the most out of your strategy, make sure you take into account:

a. Objectives and Goals

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Are you aspiring to generate more revenue? Or you are trying to shoot up the web traffic?

Whatever it is- from gaining more users to grow in any area of business, have a clear set of objectives and goals.

It will help you draw plans and programs in the right sequence.


b. Target Audience

What is your target audience?

Dig deeper, go into details.

Your customers, potential customers, etc. should all align with the targeted audience.


c. Associated Costs

Whatever you do- in business or otherwise, you pay a certain cost. It may be in the form of time, resources or money.

Take into account all such factors to help you pick the optimum strategy.

Your results should be greater than the costs incurred to achieve them.


d. Channels

What medium are you planning to use to reach out to your target audience?

Find out where your target audience spends most of their time, what content do they like, and how they prefer to be marketed in order to be successful with your strategy.


e. Time

You must have a specific time-frame within which you have to achieve key results.

Having a well-defined timeline will assist you and your employees in accomplishing the targets.


f. Metrics

Is the chosen strategy really as effective as you think it is?

Make a thorough analysis of all the numbers, pros and cons before you finalizing the strategy.

Once you are done with finalizing the details, put it in a place that is clearly visible and easily accessible to everyone.

Don’t keep them hidden; it’s not a treasure hunt.


3. Breaking down strategies

I know it sounds a little silly to build strategies only to break them down later.

However, breaking down strategies into actionable tactics will help you perform better and help eliminate ambiguity and duplication of work.

Break down strategies in a manner that:

a. Assigns a single employee to take complete responsibility for a particular task and take the work in the forward direction

b. Follows a strict time-frame with key milestones

c. Highlights measurable results that assist in accomplishing the desired results.

List individual project and program under the corresponding strategy to help your teammates have clarity on the reasoning and impact of work they’re doing.

Break down strategies
Break down strategies


4. Standardize your process

If there are any strategies, projects, programs or marketing strategies that will be undertaken by your team on a regular basis, then you should make them repeatable.

Turn these processes into templates to help save time and effort.

It may sound like a stupid tip but by doing this you will benefit in the following ways:

a. Dive into execution

You already have templates so you don’t have to set-up everything again.


      b. Fewer mistakes

You will have fewer chances of making critical mistakes as this strategy has already worked well for you in the past.


c. Time-saving

You can focus on developing more creative campaigns that keep your audience engaged rather than setting up and planning the same programs over and over again.


d. Easy implementation

It will enable you to make lasting changes based on new learnings.


e. Boost confidence

It will give you a confidence boost to know that you are on the right track and using the right strategies.


5. Keep track of your work

Once you are in a serious execution mode, it might become difficult to know where your work stands and which strategy worked better than the rest.

Keep a track of all the work that has to be done and all the work that has already been done.

Ask for regular progress reports and status updates is tiring but it is very necessary to keep a record of milestones, key dates, etc. you will have a clear picture of how things are working out.

Give gentle reminders to your teammates by hosting regular meetings.

Talk about the goals and priorities you are trying to achieve so that everyone stays in the loop and also, on the same page.




As a marketer, the foundation of your work is your marketing strategies.

And the key to your success is hidden in the plans you use to execute these strategies.

Hopefully, now you know how you can create and execute outstanding marketing strategies.

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