How to Create Brand Awareness Online 

Remember if you see a blue icon with white font, you will immediately know it is referring to Facebook? Or a green colour brand on a white coffee cup makes it more than an ordinary coffee? This is what is meant to have brand recognition. Have you ever thought that if you have a business and you are providing great services or products but it is not popular? Merely having a good product isn’t enough, you’ll need to have brand awareness as well, so that people repeat the purchases, as well as recommend it. 
By building brand awareness customers become familiar with your business, what you are providing, and your targeted customers will increase and easily reach out to you. This translates into greater revenue generation for the business. 
The most effective manner in today’s time to increase brand awareness is through online means. It’s easy, quick, and costs less. In this article, you’ll find methods through which you can increase your brand awareness online. 

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is a quick method to expand your audience. Through publishing your ideas on a different platform, you’ll be able to target customers outside your niche market as well. Those new audiences will be able to reach your website via an outbound link in the blog itself. 

Increase social media presence:

Nowadays, people are so much active on social networking sites. All you need is good, quirky and outside-the-box content and you’ll go viral. Thus, amassing a good following whom you can pitch your products too. Ask followers to tag, share, repost your content. You can hold giveaways as well. Efficient use of social media promotional tools will help you connect with your followers as well as understand more about your customers. 

Start podcasts:

Podcasting offers many opportunities to build brand awareness and brand recognition. Podcasts can be used to share background information, story, history as well as your ideas about the future of the product/service you are offering. It helps people know the person behind the product and get a personal touch with them. It is, however, very important to be creative during the podcast to keep the audience engaged. 

Use Affiliate Marketing:

Associating people to market your product for a commission is an age-old proven method. Now with affiliate links and discount codes, you can do this online too. Provide bloggers/influencers with a link of their own, and a commission for each person that purchases the product through that link. They can also put up a review for the product along with the link, which will be good for the business. 

Start giveaway:

The easiest way to attract people is by offering them free goodies. Giveaways generate traffic, attract the targeted audience, generate leads easily. People will start to know more about your business, products and services. This will also increase engagement on your posts. The winners will normally also post a review of the product, giving your brand exposure. 

Improve your search engine optimization:

By improving SEO (Search engine optimization) with the right keywords, one can easily find you on the search engine result page. It can be done organically. Choose the right keyword and relevant content. It will show your website on top of the search engine result page. This will generate traffic, and the potential customers can directly reach you. 

Start to take part in brand partnership:

It is also known as co-marketing. Building a partnership with another brand will practically double your market base. It can help to change the perception of the audience about brands. It helps out to save money. 

Start a youtube channel:

People find it easy to watch rather than read. By creating interesting and entertaining videos you can promote your products and services to the audience. This can also be done to create tutorials, reviews, or use cases of the product. Try to use relevant keywords in the meta description and the title. 
It will be a process of trial and error, so be sure to try a method for at least some time before giving up on it. Not all methods will work for each type of business, so take careful consideration before investing.


Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh
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