Earn more money without getting off your comfy couch.


1. Be a part of focus groups

Focus groups basically include a bunch of people sitting in a room and talking about their likes and dislikes for a decent sum of money.

It is usually hosted by a particular company to gain insights on their target customers. Some focus groups are hosted online so you literally are earning from your couch.

Be a part of focus groups


2. Sell your accessories or clothes

We all have piles of clothes that we never wear. They fit well, are in good condition but somehow we’ve never really found the perfect occasion (or mood) to wear them. Fret not.

Just list them on websites like eBay where you can easily sell them and get a handsome amount of money in return.

You can also go to a physical store in your vicinity and do the same.

Sell your accessories or clothes


3. In fact, sell everything else that you don’t use/need

Including the old iPhone 5, that’s been lying in your desk since forever. Oh, and the god-awful showpiece that Karen gifted you last Christmas.

Sell everything that’s been gathering dust in your house – books, furniture, etc.

In fact, sell everything else that you don’t use/need


4. Sign up with apps like Gympact

While this one doesn’t really let you get rich from your couch, it still rewards you if you stick to your workout schedule by those who don’t stick to theirs. Pretty smart, eh?

Sign up with apps like Gympact


5. House sit

Gone are the days when we needed sitters for our babies.

House sitting is a real thing where you basically watch Netflix on someone else’s couch instead of your own and get paid for it.

House sit


6. Rent out extra space

Have a spare bedroom that you no longer need? List it on renting sites like Airbnb.

You’ll not only get to meet new people but also get to hear their interesting experiences and of course, earn money.

Rent out extra space


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