How to Make Money Online as a Young Couple

It seems that the Internet has conquered almost all the heights imaginable. Today, the Web offers dozens of ways to make some money without leaving the house.

Some try and fail, posting angry comments and accusing those who really managed to achieve the desired result in lies.

If you and your loved one don’t know where to start your careers, why not focus it on something internet-related?

We’re not trying to teach you how to code or pass a job interview with flying colours.
What we offer are the four most reliable ways to earn real money, having nothing but a laptop, some imagination, and spare time.
Whether you’re a couple of students looking for a side job or a young family in need of some additional source of income, they will perfectly suit your schedule.

A profitable Youtube channel

It always feels nice to create something unique, especially when you love doing it.
Life seems full when it doesn’t look like Groundhog Day and has some meaning: self-improvement, self-realization, and success. If you have something to tell or show the world, Youtube is the best place to do that.
What’s good about Youtube?
Well, apart from spending hours watching hilarious videos, you can make money by creating these videos yourself and attracting viewers to your channel.
Sure, this requires a lot of effort and time, but the hardest thing about it is that you’ll need to learn how to believe in yourself.
If you need any help in converting Youtube videos, feel free to check out

A profitable blog

This method perfectly fits for those who love writing and sharing personal thoughts but not via Youtube videos.
That’s right: a blog is a great option for you if you’re eager to share something with people but too shy to appear in front of a webcam.
In other words, if you have something to say, write it.
You’d be surprised to know how many like-minded people are looking for a solution to some small, weird problem that might be familiar to you.
Who knows, maybe you’ll save someone’s life with your blog.
Don’t know what to write about?
Travel to some distant country, try some disgusting delicacy, start an open relationship, and so on, and then just describe your thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Copywriting, rewriting

Among all the ways to make money online, this one will require a certain amount of investment, especially if you’ve never had any experience in writing.
No worries, though, as we’re talking not about financial investments but about effort.
You’re gonna have to learn a few basics of copywriting, with grammar being the main aspect.
But the advantage of this way to earn cash online is that it can easily replace your job in real life, offering higher salaries.
Both copywriting and rewriting is based on creating articles and posts, but copywriting means creating a fresh article using one or two sources (or from scratch), while rewriting means “reshaping” articles to make them look unique.
There’s a huge difference between these two concepts.


Compared to copywriting, freelance is a much more profitable way to make money on the Internet that doesn’t require any financial investment. There’s a lot of work out there for both pros and newbies.
Just find out what you’re good at and build a career as a freelancer. Companies all around the world are constantly looking for people to outsource them for one or two projects without offering them a full-time job.
The choice of the fields of activity is virtually endless, and it’s fairly easy to find a job even if you don’t have enough experience yet.
The Web offers dozens of websites where freelancers can find a job, but those who cherish their time use specialized platforms.


Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh
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