How to Make the Most Out of Your Company’s Blog

In 2019, you are behind the competition if your company doesn’t have a blog. A blog is a platform for you to create a new line of communication with your audiences around the world.
If you are looking to create an effective blog or just have a better one, try these tips.

Don’t forget to take advantage of organic link building strategies

Link building is in every blogger’s best interest. It essentially is a strategy that gets webpages to link to each other.
It does this by acquiring hyperlinks from other websites, then applying them to your blog. This helps blog visitors navigate from page to page, as well as optimizing your blog post in search engines.
Link building is an easy way to have your blog rank on Google for your target keywords.
You’ll find a few ways to put link building into action, so speak with an agency or link building expert or link building company to figure out the best strategy for your company blog.
Link building serves more than just traffic purposes. It also increases your credibility and brand recognition. You also can use it as an opportunity to form relationships with other companies.

Have a goal in mind for each blog post

The issue with blogging is that it won’t happen if you don’t have an idea. Company blogs sometimes fall to the back burner in busy times. Nobody has time to think of an idea on the spot and compose a blog post.
This is why you should have a running document of blog ideas that people can pull from. This saves so much time and helps for inspiration and quick writing. Coming up with a good idea is usually the most difficult part.
A good way to collect insight is by asking customers and clients what they would like to know from your blog. You can do this by creating a survey and sending it out once or twice a month. Get creative when finding inspiration.

Have eye-catching media in the blog post

For the most part, nobody will read your blog if you don’t have videos, pictures, or graphics. This is a hard reality of this content-controlled age. You need to have something that keeps the eyes of readers on the page. This could be a visual graph that shows results. It could be an embedded YouTube video from your company channel.
It also could just be a photo that grabs their attention. The point is that it doesn’t have to be mind-blowing, but it has to be enough to keep a reader on your page.

Have a content calendar that keeps everything in line

Regularly posting is another way to make your company blog significantly more active, of course. Readers can begin to expect an article once a week or once every two weeks.
Also, it keeps you on top of it and posting content on a schedule. And it allows you to keep track of who is writing what and when they are writing it. Publications are onto something with their ability to track progress and keep content getting pushed out.
Content Calendar
Having a content calendar also means giving yourself boxed out time for brainstorming, content meetings, writing and editing. Mapping it out in a running document will keep everyone on track. Content calendars are a must for every successful company blog.
These are all things you can do for your company blog in no time. Host a meeting to start implementing some improvements and watch your blog interactions go through the roof.
You also are likely to see a snowball effect with these tricks. More people will see your blog, more people will share your blog, and you will continue to learn from what your audience likes to see.


Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh
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