How to Outsmart Your Boss Like a Boss

While outsmarting their *cruel* boss is every employees’ dream, it can backfire if you aren’t prepared for it.

Read on, because you’re in luck!

We are here to teach you how you can – effortlessly – pull it off without being an angsty mess.

“My boss pays no attention to me”

You want to know why your boss is always too busy to notice your efforts or acknowledge all that you’ve done.

That’s because your boss might actually be busy and has no time to kiss your forehead and give you a gold star on your homework at the end of the day.

If you want to tackle this issue the start with trying to grasp the reasons why your boss is so busy.

Once you figure that out, you should offer to tackle some of their work, which by the way will also give you new opportunities and help you learn- it’s definitely a win-win.

Be prepared if you have a one-on-one meeting with your boss and we recommend you cut to the chase.

For example, if you are facing a problem, then be ready with at least three possible solutions.

Similarly, take advantage of the same efficiency over e-mails by toning them down to the bare minimum- a line or two max.

If your boss is busy reading long e-mails then obviously they won’t have time to notice, let alone sit with you and talk about your career goals.

Maintain a productive relationship with your boss and they will be more likely to invest in you.


“My boss has favorites”

Your boss might intentionally (or unintentionally) assign the most exciting assignments to others that would leave you feeling left out or under-appreciated.

Begin with making sure your boss knows the true value of your work.

Crush your deadlines, and don’t feel shy when it comes to touting the results.

Still no help?

Go ahead and request honest feedback.

Let them tell you what they expect from you and how you can improve or simply just take their opinion on your work.

Talk it out and discuss what kind of assignments you’d like to work on and how you can qualify for those.

Your boss will respond well to you if you ask for an honest performance review.


“My boss excoriates me in front of others”

Don’t get scared or worse, defensive.

Stay calm and let the moment pass.

Don’t shit-talk your boss either.

Rather than stooping so low, take the high road and ask your boss to privately elaborate on what happened earlier.

Learn to embrace constructive criticism because if you treat it as a gift then you will improve and grow.

Try and agree with at least one point as it will make your boss more amenable when you request them to talk to you in private next time when they want to talk something.


“I have to do my boss’s personal errands”

Every once in a while we feel like we’re drowning in work and so does your boss.

You shouldn’t be complaining if your boss asks you for an occasional errand or two- it won’t hurt to help out a little.

However, you do need to set some boundaries if you aren’t a personal assistant.

Clear it out with your boss before they pile your schedule with their personal errands. Emphasize that you have certain work priorities and gently remind them of your work duties.

And if you’ve done all this and you’re still running their personal errands, wake up sweetie, it’s time to hunt for a new job- one that actually involves actual productive work.

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