How to reduce the risk of roof collapse during the winter

Being Canadian means you are used to the amount of snowfall seen on a yearly basis. This means you also know the importance of having the proper winter clothing to keep warm, scraping snow and ice, and clearing a driveway. Being prepared is what Canadians do best as the months get colder. However, dangers like roof collapse are still possible. Knowing that, it is important to know what a roof collapse involves.

How To Avert A Roof From Collapsing

The good thing about a roof collapse is that they can be averted from collapsing in the first place. By having maintenance conducted, you are able to ensure that your roof stays strong. Monitor the amount of snowfall as well as roof gutters to ensure they don’t clog.

To ensure that the snow is removed safely, a company specializing in snow removal should be consulted. This way the home and surrounding property is protected.

In order to stop a roof collapse from occurring, you need to observe your roof while heavy snowfall and freezing weather occurs. Inspect the insurance policy for your home to ensure that snow coverage is provided. If not and your roof collapses, then you will be paying for repairs out of pocket. Depending on the cost of repairs, you may need to get a no credit check loans in BC.

Below are a few ways to reduce the risk of roof collapse during the winter.

In What Manner Does a Roof Collapse

When a roof collapses, it can be attributed to a buildup of snow and ice on a roof, which will create an excess of weight on a home´s structure. The roof of a home is not designed to bear the excess snow. According to Canada’s National Research Council, the amount of snow a roof should hold is at least 20 pounds.

Proper Roof Insulation and Ventilation

Being able to stop the buildup of ice will always be possible if the roof´s insulation and ventilation is properly maintained. What needs to happen is to have the temperature of the roof eaves and roof itself an equal temperature throughout winter. This will eliminate moisture and condensation from forming.

By adding more insulation in the roof space and allowing more ventilation, your roof will maintain the temperature. There needs to be enough flow of air throughout the vents so that the warmth can be managed.

Having Your Roof Raked

Not only is raking a roof good for the warm seasons, but giving it a good rake during the winter is also a good way to prevent roof collapse. To complete it, it starts by scraping the roof´s edge. Just remove a small layer so that you do not cause any possible shingle damage. You need to ensure that your roof will hold up to a small layer of snow, and not a significant amount. As you rake, make sure that you reach as far as possible to get the snow raked off.



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