How to score well in class 10 Maths?

Scoring well in math is always a tough thing to do. You need more than just hard work to be able to score well in this subject. Math has always been the subject where most students tend to lose the most marks. So you need to work hard and also be very consistent with your practice. 

Students who are consistent in their practice are the ones scoring good marks in their maths exams. The syllabus of CBSE Class 10 Maths consists of 10 chapters. Each chapter has its marking scheme and weightage and hence you must also adhere to this to get a proper idea while preparing your study routine. 

Map your preparations well and do not just get into the preparations without a proper structure or a plan of action. Take time out to prepare an efficient plan of action. Check the syllabus, the chapters, the marking scheme, the format of the paper, the time duration, etc. to enhance your study routine. Now let us refer to some tips as to how we can score well in class 10 maths and improve our performance.


First Two Chapters 

The first two chapters on Real numbers and Polynomials are comparatively easy. You need to practice the NCERT exercises to do well in these two. There is hardly any need to panic. Although it is advisable that you do not undermine them or else you will be losing easy-to-grab marks.


Third Chapter 

The third chapter is based on strict theories and formulas. Adhere to them and understand the various conditions properly. Once you can do this, you will be able to solve most problems with ease. The chapters on quadratic equations and arithmetic progression have easy formulas, but the applications are vast. Different types of questions can be asked from them. Short 1 mark questions can be asked as well as long 5 marks ones. So you might need to complement your NCERT exercises with a few other questions as well. The relation between different terms and their formulas is very necessary to understand if you wish to do well in these chapters.



The next two chapters on triangles and coordinate geometry are chapters where you can score marks if you have practised your NCERT exercises well. The long questions associated with these chapters are comparatively easier to score marks than the others. So these two are the chapters where you can score more marks with comparative ease.



Now we have the chapters that have baffled and irritated many students and that’s trigonometry. For these two chapters, you need to practice a lot. You need to practice regularly. First, you need to understand the basic terms and their relations properly. Then you need to practice problems on their relations properly before proceeding to the more advanced problems and concepts. You will need to do sums from other reference books too as the types of questions that can be asked from these two chapters are several.



The chapters on circles and areas related to circles are formula-based. If you understand the different properties and parts of a circle, then you will be easily able to understand the concepts related to its areas. The chapter on construction is a scoring one. Practice a couple of different questions for each topic. You might get common questions from this chapter. The chapter on surface areas and volumes is a tricky one. You can have long questions from this chapter so you must know each shape properly. You must be able to visualize the shape properly if there are multiple shapes in a combination. Try to draw diagrams to help you understand better.



Questions related to statistics are generally of more marks. It is based on simple formulas but the questions are lengthy. Solve each small part properly and you would not have any difficulty in this.



Probability seems easy but very tricky questions are asked from this chapter and the marking scheme ranges from fewer marks to more as both short and long questions can be set from this chapter. Learn the formula properly and refer to all the types of questions that can be asked for that same formula. Solve sample papers as well to get acquainted with all different types of problems related to probability.


Additional Tips To Ace Your Exam 

  1. Be wary of your calculations as they can cause blunders in the questions with long answers. Perform your calculations slowly and by writing them down you won’t encounter any mistakes. 
  2. Always refer to the NCERT maths class 10 pdf even if you think you can manage well without them. They will help you cover all topics and improve your strengths as well.
  3.  If you are having any difficulty with concepts, NCERT will effectively address them
  4. NCERT Solutions are prepared by teachers and experts, these solutions will pave the way for an enhanced and more efficient plan of action. You can use them while doing your revision as well to see if you have missed any topic or if there are any misconceptions that you might not be aware of.
  5. While solving papers, try to complete them within the actual duration of your exam so that you get used to the pace at which you need to complete your paper. Doing this will also help you to gain confidence in your pace.
  6. Apart from these tips, dedicate proper study time for maths every day and practice multiple sample papers and previous years’ papers to know all the different questions that can be asked and also improve your understanding and problem-solving skills. In this manner, you will be targeting an overall development and enhancement of your problem-solving skill and time management as well. This will also help to lower your anxiety during the test.

Follow the tips mentioned above and you will score well in class 10 maths with ease. Do not wait for the last few months before the final exam to start preparing. Start preparing judiciously in advance and regularly. Only then can you perform as per your expectations.



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