How to Select an SEO Firm: The Complete Guide for Businesses

When it comes to marketing your business online, hiring a highly-qualified SEO agency is the best thing you can do. But how can you tell which SEO firm options really are qualified to help your company?

For instance, how many years of experience with SEO do these agencies have? Is their experience relevant to your industry?

Do they have a proven track record of success? Or are they nothing but talk?

The good news is, these are the kinds of questions you should be asking when trying to select an SEO firm. And we have more where those came from. 

The following is a complete guide on how to choose the best SEO company for your business. Read on to learn what you need to know.

1. Find Out if They Have Relevant Experience

First of all, you want a firm that has provided successful SEO service for many years. Ask the firm you’re considering how many years of SEO experience they have in general.

More importantly, though, make sure that their experience is relevant to your business/industry. As an illustration, consider how the ideal SEO strategy for a B2C automotive service is not effective for a B2B shipping company.

Therefore, you must find out precisely what experience the agency has working with your industry. For example, this SEO company speaks specifically about the industries they have served.

2. Check Their List of References

Next, if an SEO company does claim to have relevant experience, ask them to prove it. That is, request a list of references so you can confirm their claims. You should also see if they can provide specific data on how their work has helped these past clients.

3. Find Out How They Plan to Help You (Specifically)

Ask the SEO company how they plan to help you achieve your particular business goals. This is a test—a specific question that demands a detailed answer.

If their answer is nothing but jargon, generalities, and buzzwords, slap your palm against your forehead and end the interview immediately. A good SEO company will tell you their exact strategy, complete with steps and detailed explanations.

4. Ask How They Track Results

A lot of business investments are a gamble because it’s hard to calculate their ROI. This should not be the case when hiring an SEO firm. 

There are many effective ways of tracking digital analytics. So, all the actions taken by your SEO agency, and the effectiveness of these strategies, should be clearly recorded. What you need to find out is how the firm tracks this information and reports it to you.

5. Ask How Long It Takes to See Results

Now, while digital analytics are easy to track, it takes time to evaluate this data. Case in point, if an SEO agency promises results in a month, that’s ridiculous.

It takes at least a few months to determine the effectiveness of any SEO strategy. Any firm that promises fast results is full of hot air.

Use These Tips to Select an SEO Firm

Keep this guide bookmarked or print these tips right now. Then, use this information to select an SEO firm that’s right for your business.

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