How to Sell Video Production Services to Enterprises

Are you looking for the best way to sell services of video production to the emerging business? Let us tell you that it is very easy, particularly, the initial steps are the piece of cake. It only takes a good common sense while communicating with your prospective customers. You also need to use this common sense while convincing the client about the worth of the video.
We are guiding you here about your first interactions with a potential customer. This article will also guide you to deal with the choosy customers to have a successful convincing strategy.

First Impression is the Last Impression

The basic and most important thing you need to consider is to know the focus of the video marketing campaign of your prospective client. Before taking things further, you must be clear about what type of videos your potential customer may require. You must have the following questions in view while interacting with your potential buyer for the first time:

    • Who is the target audience of the campaign and what is the focus of communication?
    • What preferences or materials the client can offer you to make it the part of the video?
    • What would be the limit of your role in the creativity of the video?
    • What is the aesthetic preference of the organization?

The next best step you can take in this process is to timeline all the activities you will do while creating that video. After setting objectives and finalizing creative visions, you must have a clear idea of the budget range you will get from the client. You also need to consider the estimated date when you will receive the budget. What would be the ideal turnaround of the budget after its approval? Will it work for you?

Make Video a Piece of Cake for Clients

Most of the business organizations have separate creative teams whereas some other teams are responsible for conceiving, planning, and initiating video marketing campaigns. There is most probably another person or people who grant budget for such campaigns. Together, this entire scenario may hinder the approval process of the budget for such video campaigns. This situation is more likely to happen when the budget is high and the campaign is huge. Although you cannot do much to accelerate this budget approval process, yet you may set strict deadlines to meet in the process and use your persuasive skills to convince them.

How to Close the Deal

close the deal
You need to prove to the potential customer what out of the box value you can offer which is beyond the capacity of the competitors. You can also offer them the edge the organization will have over its competitors in the market by adopting such an innovative campaign.
Try finding out something very eye-catching from your previous work to back-up your claim of innovation. Mention any creative technology you intend to use or have already used for such videos. Arrange a portfolio of the videos which are from the same type your potential client wants now. Select your best work to showcase it to the client to strengthen your case.

What to Consider:

You must consider ten things when it comes to offering your video to business organizations.

    1. Compound stakeholders: The enterprise company may have a list of important clients who are not accessible at the time of planning and collaboration with the enterprise company. However, such stakeholders may have considerable authority when it comes to the approval of videos. They may demand you to make any sudden changes if they don’t like anything in the video. You must maintain a single person communication link with the company to avoid any confusion.
    2. Technical copywriting: Always hire an expert copywriter to cater to all the enterprise offering to avoid any misunderstanding.
    3. Insight: Probe the client as much as possible to be clear about his requirements. However, you may like to have some insight into the market to know about the current trends also.
    4. Storytelling: Your proposal must not consist of only boring corporate details. You can add a human and emotional touch to keep the tone more realistic, relatable, and lighter. Similarly, try adding a humorous touch to your videos also.
    5. Be contextual: Try incorporating current topics in the videos. You may consider the topics like Trump, Brexit, or others to make your videos more relatable and real. However, choose such themes carefully as current affairs tend to change on a daily basis.
    6. Platforms: This point asks you to locate the prospective usage of the videos.
    7. Personalized: You may give an exceptionally convincing touch to videos by personalizing them.
    8. International: Make multilingual videos to target a greater audience.
    9. Budget: Present a detailed budget to convince the client more easily.
    10. Schedule: Plan everything and activity in the process of video making. This will save you from tension in the long run.

In short, you must consider seriously the value your video will add to the overall marketing campaign of your client. Communicate this in a convincing way to the client and then use your previous work, data, and client testimonials to build your case. Be realistic and innovative.



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