How to Start Travel Blogs?

Choosing to start your own Travel Blogs has been one of the dreams that we all Bloggers have. If you’re looking forward to starting a travel blog, I am going to help you through this article


Here I will give you insights on the dos and don’ts that you need to take care of as a rookie and guide you all along the way on how you can establish yourself as a successful travel blogger.

Travel Blogging will not only give you the privilege to travel the globe but can also get you paid. See, it’s not that hard to understand that we all work hard, earn money, save money, live our lives and try to enjoy our weekends with our family and loved ones. The bottom line is, we all do something or the other in our lives, with the sole agenda of making a living out of our lives.

I don’t find people who say they never have dreamt of traveling the world. Everyone has had that dream at some point of time in their lives. Some of us have enough money to fulfill such dreams, while some of us don’t. What I’m trying to infer from all of this, is that, what if you get to travel all around the globe, from Paris to Tokyo, from Vegas to Amsterdam, and then you get paid for doing all of this? Doesn’t it seem like ‘Oh Boy! Could it get any better?’. Yes. Now you get my point.

There’s a famous proverb, “Nothing worth cherishing comes easy”, True! Becoming a Travel Blogger can be a dream, but it’s not that easy. Yes, you get to travel all around the globe. You get to visit places that you might not afford on your own, but as a Travel Blogger, you get that privilege where all your expenses are taken care of and on top of that, you get paid. You have to work hard, show persistence, resilience, and commitment to your work. Also, it will surely take years to properly understand the ins and outs of this dream before you start making dollars out of it.

Starting a travel blog of your own can be a hobby out of which you can make a successful career. Yes, I know all of this sounds pretty awesome and lucrative, but as I said earlier it’s not easy to become a successful travel blogger. There are lots and lots of ‘Behind the scene’s that run in a parallel form in order to make this lifestyle possible. I know, I understand. Scrolling through different travel adventure photographs and posts on different Social Media websites makes it look like a dream job. After all, these travel bloggers have so much fun and adventure and on top of that, they get paid for it. You have to admit, it’s one heck of a gig, isn’t it? And if you have that lust inside you to wander all around the globe, Travel Blogging is meant for you, Pal!


The Pre-Requisites

  • A Laptop.
  • An Internet Connection.
  • 1-2 hours of free time.
  • Communication Skills
  • A drink to enjoy while you’re expressing yourself.

Is a list too short? Well, Yes! That’s all you need. The fact is that starting a Travel Blog is not Rocket Science. Today, in this article, I will try my best to guide you guys on how you can go on to start your own successful travel blogs.

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Getting Started

getting started

Let us start with the step-by-step guide on becoming a Travel Blogger. You might want to consider the key points that I am about to share with you as this article continues because these are small things that will matter a lot in building your audience.

    1. Picking a good name for your Travel Blogs

good name for your blog

Picking a good and attractive name for your blog is undoubtedly the most challenging part of coming up with a Travel Blog. You have to brainstorm for hours as you are going to be known by the same name for as long as your blog lives.

      • Stand out from the crowd – Avoid names like Wandering, Nomadic, Backpacking, Adventurous, etc. Boy! they have died long back.
      • Keep it Classy – Imagine someone telling you about their Blog, and how will you make the first impression of their blog in your mind based on the name of the blog. Now apply the same to yourself.
      • Easy to Remember URL – People generally avoid the sites that are too long to remember. Try to keep your URL as short as possible, and as easy to remember as you can. Avoid Hyphens, Numbers, and Overused or Outdated words.
      • Long Term Plans – Think of your Blog as Long term propaganda. Do not limit yourself. Keep Travelling, Keep Learning and Keep writing about both of them.


    1. Picking a good host for your Travel Blogs

good host


You might be wondering what the hell is Hosting, right? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. When you search for a place to live, you have to pay rent for that place. Similarly, when you look for an online presence, you need a hosting server. You can choose platforms like Blogger or WordPress etc.

      • Pick a hosting plan
      • Check the availability for your blog name (Domain Name)
      • Make use of the add-on features and plug-ins


    1. Picking a Professional Blog Theme

How to pick a Professional Blog Theme

A new Blog Page on WordPress comes along with standard themes along with some additional themes from which you can choose. You can also make use of different websites that enable you to design your own theme according to your needs and requirements. You may also consider paying $25-$100 that will improve the look of your Blog in an ingenious manner. You can also create a logo. Having a professional logo sets your Blog as a Professional brand and people can recognize your Blog by your logo itself, so it improves your Blog as a brand and attracts traffic.

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    1. Setting up your Blog Page

Blog page set up

As soon as you successfully create your Blog Page, you should work on creating your About Page. This is important because, through your About Page, you tell people about yourself, your background, anything and everything that you want to share with your folks. Try to keep it awesome! Through your About Page, you are letting your readers know who you are. Also, if you are trying to master Travel Blogging, you should stay close to all forms of Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Quora, etc.


    1. Networking with Other Bloggers


Don’t forget to read other travel blogs in order to gain more insights and ideas as to how you can improve. Develop useful networks with other Bloggers of the same genre and be an active part of the Travel Blogging Community.

Let’s have a look at some more points you need to take care of as you start your Travel Blogging journey:-

      • Write your First Post
      • Know how to keep your audience interested.
      • Have a well-structured business plan.
      • Get Google Analytics.
      • Become a Social Media Savvy.
      • Join a network of Travel Bloggers.
      • Do things differently.
      • Sign up for a Blogging Course, if possible.
      • Be consistent with your Blogs.

Maintain Consistency

The list is endless. Nobody on earth can transform you into being a total badass Blogger, it has to come from inside of you. Passion is important if you have to grow in this field. If you are having trouble thinking of anything right now, it’s totally okay. You just need to understand that as you write more and more, improve yourself to be the best in the business, Sky is the limit for you!

The Bottom Line

bottom line

Blogging takes a lot of hard work. It might not seem obvious, but it is a fact. It requires skills that most people don’t have. You have to produce content on a regular basis, take care of its promotions at the same time, look into product creation, build networks, build your audience, and whatnot. It often takes more time on the laptop than you would give in a traditional office. Blogging will challenge you as a writer, as a content creator, as a publisher more times than you may think of. You don’t have to think if you’ll be judged by your audience, criticized by your audience, loved by your audience, or even if sometimes by your audience at times. Just be you.

Once you get into Travel Blogging, your way of traveling is going to transform completely. There are a lot of such factors that you will have to keep in mind once you start with this journey.

You will surely develop a lasting bond with your readers if you are honest, down-to-earth, and consistent with what you are writing. It’s your Blog, deliver the best you can through your posts. In the end, I’ll only suggest that you will have to be very unique with your work, keep traveling all the time, and do face a lot of unexpected situations, but once you get going with your blog, it’ll surely beat any 9-5 Office Job. If you truly feel passionate about traveling and are ready to invest your efforts and time in your blog, your hard work is going to pay off!

Travelling through maps

I have tried my best to guide you all on how to start a Travel Blogs and all the best to all of you who are willing to get into Travel Blogging. Let me know in the comments section what you think of this article! Share it with your friends if you.

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