6 Tips for Improving Your Restaurant in the Middle of a Pandemic

At 12:01 on January 1st, no one could have predicted all the things 2020 had in store. It’s doubtful that you though the possibility of a pandemic and national quarantine was realistic. Yet, here we are. Almost overnight, companies and people had to readjust to this new way of life. And this crazy turn around was especially felt within the restaurant community. If you own or operate a restaurant, you’ve had to do some creative problem-solving to stay afloat and continue to serve your customers during this time.

While at first it may have seemed like growth was impossible during this time, there are actually ways you can be expanding and improving your restaurant during this pandemic.
You get to explore new avenues and focus on your customers and the community you’re in.
So now that you’ve got a handle on how to run your business during this time, check out a few tips to continue expanding your restaurant during the time of COVID.

Go Digital

In the year 2020, your company needs an amazing online presence.
Even the hole-in-the-wall, mom-and-pop restaurants are embracing a digital platform to bring people into your store.
Especially in the current situation where people are primarily ordering delivery or carry out, be sure your website is equipped for easy ordering and alerting your customers about your COVID policies.
Once you have an accessible site, promote it.
This can go beyond social media.
If you’ve never thought about utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) then now is the time.
SEO development services take your digital marketing to the next level and help increase your site traffic by moving your business up to page one of a Google search.
web development company California will help you get more customers now and when your restaurant fully reopens by increasing your visibility online.

Embrace Online Ordering

6 Tips for Improving Your Restaurant in the Middle of a Pandemic
Online orders come from many different places, not just your website.
You may have orders coming from Uber Eats, Door Dash, Grub Hub, or many others.
That can be a lot to keep track of, so let Cuboh do the work for you.
Rather than having a jumbled mess of tablets or mobile devices, simply use one POS that combines all your orders.
This helps the professionals stay organized and get your food out quickly, correctly, and efficiently.
A huge portion of the restaurant business is currently being conducted through these apps, so employ a tool that will help you navigate them all, today.

Teach Your Customers

If your guests can’t come to you, bring your food to them in new, creative ways.
Sell online meal kits that families can make together.
Or provide cocktail recipes and ingredients.
You can even go a step further and host a cooking class for people to enjoy at home.
These techniques can earn you extra money while providing a fun memory associated with your restaurant even when they aren’t in the building.

Grow Your Social Media Following

During a time where everyone is at home on their phones, stay relevant through the same platforms.
Now is the time to improve your social media following.
Post tutorial videos, go behind the scenes of your restaurant, promote the ways you’re helping during the pandemic.
Creating good content will keep your customers interested even when you’re apart.

Higher Return on Investment

6 Tips for Improving Your Restaurant in the Middle of a Pandemic
Restaurants are focused on having a high return on investment (ROI).
So once you have a customer, how can you encourage them to spend more.
On a to-go order, can you recommend upsizing or adding a drink?
What about selling speciality dessert or offering to-go alcohol?
Work to find ways to increase your sales with the customers who are already ordering.

Provide for Your Community

During this international crisis, a lot of restaurants are doing their part to give back and provide for their community.
Not only is this good PR, but it also shows your customers that you truly are there for them.
Think of ways you can help whether it’s providing discounts for essential workers or bringing free meals to hospitals or starting a foundation to help support those in need.
At their core, restaurants are about serving and providing memorable experiences, and what better way to continue that goal than by giving back when it’s needed most.


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