Infinity reels in slots explained 

Slots are always looking to change and evolve. With technology continually advancing, slots such as Fishin Frenzy need to keep up with the times in order to stay relevant. Slots have shown a remarkable ability to do this, they fully embraced the change to online slots for instance.
If slots had not embraced the online world there is no question that they would not be as popular today. Slots constantly look to add innovative and exciting gameplay features that provide a better experience for players. Infinity reels are new features that have been added to slots, they are slowly starting to creep into more and more games. Below is everything you will need to know about infinity reels in slots. 

What are They? 

Infinity reels in slots are actually very simple, they are the next evolution in slot gaming. By now, practically every player has heard of Megaways and cluster pays. Infinity reels simply expand on the idea of these features. Megaways and cluster pay both aim to expand the traditional grid size for players, though both do this in different ways. Infinity reels also seek to do this, but unlike Megaways an infinity reel does not expand vertically but rather it increases the number of reels on the right side. Players can trigger this feature in a variety of ways, with the most commonly used being winning a cluster of 5 plus matching symbols or simply extending your current winning cluster. In theory, you could trigger a limitless amount of reels, hence the name infinity reels. 

Why Use Them? 

Some players may be left thinking about what benefits there are to using infinity reels. There are actually many reasons why infinity reels should be used by players. 

Brand New Format to Enjoy 

The first benefit that players will receive from an infinity reel is the fact that they provide a brand new gaming format for players to enjoy. How many slots stick to the traditional grid layout, sometimes playing on the same old grid can get a little tedious. Thanks to infinity reels, that is no longer an issue. 

Unlimited Amount of Reels (Potentially) 

The amount of reels you can win is not usually capped, this means that this is no set limit for players. Though unlikely, there is a chance for players to win an unlimited amount of reels! As the amount of reels increases, so do your chances of winning, being able to increase your reels by a significant amount is definitely something that players should be looking to do. 

Massive Prizes to be Won! 

The final reason why infinity reels are beneficial for players is the huge prizes that they offer. Thanks to the multipliers that infinity reel slots offer, there is a chance for players to win some massive payouts! 

Final Thoughts 

Infinity reels are an innovative new feature being implemented by slots. This feature has tremendous benefits for players such as offering a brand new format to enjoy and an increased chance to win massive prizes.


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