Ingenious Home Hacks

Smart ways to tidy up, heal and set your life in order.


1. Shine All Day

Keep your favorite pair of shoes shining, even without a polishing kit rub the inside if a banana peel all over the shoe and after a few minutes, wipe off with soap and water. Dry with a cloth.

Home Hacks


2. Melt Down

To quickly soften butter in time for brekkie, heat up a glass either by running warm water over it or by putting it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Once the glass is warm enough, you can safely place it over the slab of butter.

Melt Down


3. Express Dessert

Put your ice cream container in a plastic bag before putting it in the freezer. This will keep it soft for serving.

When it’s time to serve, empty the contents into a plate with a knife.

Express Dessert


4. Easy Breezy

Zip up the back of your own dress with the help of a safety pin and ribbon.

After you’ve tied the ribbon to the safety pin, safely secure the pin and the zipper – and zip! – you’re done.

Easy Breezy


5. Midnight Cravings

You can now heat last night’s leftover pizza without it turning soggy.

Just remember to put a glass of water alongside the pizza in the microwave.

Midnight Cravings


6. Cool Off

Flip empty egg cartons over and use it as a cheap laptop cooler. It will allow the flow of air and keep your device from overheating.

Cool Off


7. Magic Carpet

To get rid of indentations in a carpet, place ice cubes over them. When they melt, use an old toothbrush to brush through allowing the fibers to expand.

Then gently pat with a soft dry cloth.

Magic Carpet


8. Spill Proof

Picture this: you’re busy in the kitchen and turn your back for a moment, and are faced with milk spilled all over the stove and platform.

To avoid such a mess, simply place a wooden spoon across the top of the milk vessel.

Spill Proof


9. Blow Up

Make your own inflator to fill up air mattresses or pool toys by cutting a big plastic water bottle into two.

Attach the upper half to a hairdryer and select the cold air setting before turning in on to blow into your inflatables.

Blow Up


10. Forever New

Increase the shelf life of fresh herbs by placing them between two paper towels.

Then, microwave on high for about a minute. Grind and store in an air-tight container.

Forever New


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