Is Your BFF Ruining Your Budding Relationship?

Prompted by malice, one-manship or jealousy, your BFF might just be responsible for sabotaging your romantic relationships.


The latest friendship mantra ‘friends like family’ gives significant importance to your BFF especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

Sure, Sonu saves Titu’s a** by exposing the true nature of his girlfriend in Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety, but the truth is, it might actually be the opposite in some cases.

Your bestie can add a little too much pressure or influence on your new relationship and not always in a constructive and healthy manner.

Even seemingly trustworthy and nice friends could be ruining your relationship without you ever suspecting it.

If you are someone who keeps jumping in and out of perfect relationships, or a firm believer of ‘something is definitely wrong with me’, well, it might be because of your favorite pals.

Their actions could be prompted by negative feelings which may be associated with trying to prove that they are better than you.

More often than not, our BFFs can sometimes be serious backstabbers! What’s even worse, they might just do all this for fun.

Watch out for these red flags and gauge if your BFF is the one sabotaging your relationship:

1. Interruptions Galore

Are your friends always interrupting you when you are on a date or just chilling with your date?

If yes, then they are definitely up to no good. It can not only ruin your date but also piss the other person.

Also, if they constantly complain about you spending too much time with your partner, they’re just looking for more attention.


2. Instant Criticism

Do your friends quickly knock every person you date or seem to be interested in? Do they tag them as being ugly or obnoxious?

If yes, then it’s probably the best time to re-think.

Our friends have a powerful influence over us and their opinions quickly become ours.

Yes, you might have already turned down your prince charming because your pals convinced you he wasn’t the man.



3. Past Imperfect

Does your BFF always bring up all your relationships or all your exes in front of your partner?

They might say it as a joke and tell you to shrug it off but here’s why shouldn’t – old relationships are sensitive topics and should not be brought up by a third person (no matter how close they are to you).

Not to mention, they could also cause some serious embarrassment.


4. Cheaters’ Club

It’s fine to indulge in a one-night stand when you’re single but absolutely not when you’re in a relationship. Friends who convince you for this have an agenda of their own.

They’re probably jealous of your relationship and would go to any lengths to stop it from evolving into something real and meaningful.  


5. Covert Calls

We all have a friend who wouldn’t miss an opportunity to chat up with your partner.

Some might even go ahead and spill your dirty secrets just to make themselves look better than you. This ‘friend’ is all set to see you two break up and take your spot!

Is Your BFF Ruining Your Budding Relationship?


6. Being Insulting

On the other side of the spectrum, we have friends who will never miss an opportunity to disrespect your date/partner.

They might not only ignore your partner but also insult them or disrespect them.

This not only a sure-shot way to ruin your partner’s regard for you but also, it reflects really badly on you.


7. Dangerous Threats

We all confide in our BFF and all the secrets remain between the two of you…until they decide to threaten you with it. For instance, they might reveal all about the cute guy who flirted with you at the office.

Even if they didn’t have any bad intentions and said it jokingly, these comments can arouse serious suspicions and drastically affect your relationship.


8. Mean Talk

Your BFF has a way of being a little um…mean and you don’t mind it because you’ve been together since kindergarten. But being mean when your partner is around is unacceptable.

Real pals help you woo your partner and not make you look bad. If they can’t wait to start their mean rant in front of your partner are probably annoyed or jealous.


9. Split Suggestions

So your BFF convinces you to break up over the silliest reasons and you think they are right? Wrong.

Your BFF might just be waiting for you to see your partner and their actions in the worst manner.

If they constantly talk about splitting up at every opportunity, are definitely doing it for their own *dirty* agendas.


10. Flirty Blast

We all have friends of the opposite gender who suddenly start flirting with us in front of our partner.

This is a sure-shot way of making your partner extremely uncomfortable and insecure.



11. Info Overload

Yes, we’re all guilty of spilling deets about our relationship to our BFFs.

You should be smart enough to know where to draw the line because if they decide to mention it to your partner, they are bound to feel uncomfortable or get irritated.

No partner will appreciate you sharing all their personal information with your loose-tongued pals.


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