Jobs That Let You Travel the World

With summer vacations right around the corner, all of us are picturing ourselves sipping drinking by the beach and getting a tan.

However, some of us tend to have err…no savings.

But should that stop you from sipping margaritas by the beach?

Absolutely not.

We bring you the best (read cheapest) ways to travel the world without going broke.

Read on to find all the Jobs That Let You Travel the World.

  1. Be a pet-sitter

If your dream job includes a free place to stay with puppies, then apply straight-away!

A lot of websites on the internet look for travelers who would be interested in pet-sitting. Some of these sites charge a nominal membership fee.

All you have to do is pack your essentials and take the cheapest flight.

Be a pet-sitter
Be a pet-sitter


  1. Work on an organic farm

Why waste money in luxury hotels when you can earn a free stay along with meals in a scenic organic farm?

All you have to do is work a couple of hours on the organic farm.

Pick a farm from Australia to China and be willing to work a few hours and you won’t have to worry about paying fancy hotel bills.

Work on an organic farm
Work on an organic farm


  1. Become a driver

No, not a chauffeur, but a cross-country driver.

Fancy a road trip?

Become a cross-country driver and cruise in a new Mustang from one country to another (minus the cost of a hotel, attractions, and gas).

Get paid per mile or flat- to transport other people’s cars all over the world.

You have to be 23 (or older), have a driving license (and a clean record) and deposit some amount-which is refunded to you upon the successful delivery of the car.

Become a driver
Become a driver


  1. Live in a monastery

We’ve all been broke at least once during our vacations.

And that’s okay because you can always crash in a religious guesthouse like a monastery when you are flat broke.

Sure, it will not be as lavish as a five-star hotel but at least they will let you in for the night in an exchange for a small donation.

Plus, they also offer meals.

Live in a monastery
Live in a monastery


  1. Swap Houses

You can actually swap houses like Cameron and Kate in the movie ‘The Holiday’.

List your house, fill out the forms and you’re good to go.

It’s a fantastic way of getting to experience living like a local.

Swap Houses
Swap Houses


  1. Be a travel nanny

This has to be the fanciest type of babysitting- you travel the world, get paid and get to be around adorable kids.

Search for websites that are willing to hook you up with families that will be willing to take you along on their next vacation.

You’d be flying to Paris, or sailing to an exotic island minus the drinking on the beach, of course.

Sure, you will have responsibility but all your expenses will be paid for including your transportation and meals and you can always explore the destination after putting the kids to bed.

The process of sign-up and becoming a member is pretty in-depth with phone and or skype interviews, thorough reference and background checks, applications, etc. but once you clear them, it will be the golden ticket to all your dream vacations!

Be a travel nanny
Be a travel nanny


  1. Be a House-sitter

Bad with kids and animals? Fret not.

This is another way of enjoying all the perks without having to keep an eye on pesky kids or running behind dogs.

Earn a free stay in exchange for taking care of the house.

It might include some duties like getting the mail or maintaining a garden but would you mind doing that if you had a swanky pool villa all to yourself?

Me neither.

Be a House-sitter
Be a House-sitter


  1. Deliver pets or goods

Not like an Amazon delivery guy but a regular guy on a vacay with everything already paid for.

You can earn a decent amount by delivering pets or products depending on the size, type, urgency, and distance of the deliveries.

You have to be over the age of 18, own a (clean) driving license and fill out some forms which is generally followed by a background check.

Deliver pets or goods
Deliver pets or goods

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