Knock Knock Jokes For Kids (and Other Jokes For Kids)

In this article, we bring you hilarious jokes that will make you laugh out loud. From knock knock jokes to chortle, chortle jokes, we bring you all types of riddles and jokes for kids. Read on knock knock jokes for kids and laugh your head off!


Here are twenty knock knock jokes for kids:

1. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Albert who?

Albert you’ll never guess.


2. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Tank who?

My pleasure!


3. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?

It’s boo.

Boo who?

Oh, come on don’t cry, it is just me.


4. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Alex who?

Alex plain later, just let me in.


5. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Luke who?

Luke through the keyhole and you’ll see.


6. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Stan who?

Stan back I’m going to break the door down.


7. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


You who?

Did you call?

Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

8. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Snow who?

Snow good asking me, I can’t remember.


9. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Watson who?

Watson TV tonight?


10. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Who Dozen?

Dozen (doesn’t) anyone know my name?


Knock Knock Jokes and Other Jokes For Kids
Knock Knock Jokes for Kids and Other Jokes For Kids


11. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Hatch who?

Bless you.


12. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Eddie who?

Eddie-body you like.


13. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Liz who?

Lizen carefully, I’m only going to say this once.


14. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Robin who?

Robin (robbing) you, so give me all your money.


15. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Hugh who?

Hugh wouldn’t believe if I told you.


16. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Althea who?

Althea (I’ll tell ya) later, alligator.

17. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Canoe who?

Canoe hurry up and let me in?

Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

18. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Avenue who?

Avenue learned my name yet?


19. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Dismay who?

Dismay be the wrong door, but can you let me in anyway?


20. Knock, Knock.

Who is it?


Felix who?

Felixtremely cold, can you let me in?


More laughter

Done reading knock knock jokes for kids? We bring you a series of dumb jokes for kids (smart kids).


Ghostly Gags: Ghost Jokes For Kids

Knock Knock Jokes and Other Jokes For Kids
Knock Knock Jokes For Kids and Other Jokes For Kids


Q1. What is Dracula’s favorite landmark?

A1. The Vampire State Building.


Q2. What do you call a wizard from outer space?

A2.  A flying sorcerer.


Q3. How does a vampire cross the ocean?

A3.  In a blood vessel.


Q4. What is a monster’s favorite game?

A4.  Swallow my leader.


Q5. What do polite vampires always remember to say?

A5.  Fangs very much.


Q6. Did you hear about the cannibal with indigestion?

A6.  He ate someone who disagreed with him.


Q7. When do ghosts play tricks on each other?

A7.  On April Ghoul’s day.


Q8. What is a ghost’s favorite music?

A8.  A haunting melody.


Q9. What is Dracula’s favorite pudding?

A9.  I scream.


Q10. What do polite monsters say at meal times?

A10.  Pleased to eat you.

Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

Q11. What do cannibals eat at parties?

A12.  Buttered hosts.


Q13. What medicine do ghosts take for colds?

A13.  Coffin drops.


Q14. What do ghosts eat for dinner?

A15.  Ghoulash.


Q16. Why do vampires play poker?

A16.  Because the stakes are high.


Q17. What do short-sighted ghosts wear?

A17.  Spooktacles.


Q18. What do vampires put in their fruit salad?

A18.  Necktarines and blood oranges.


Q19. How did the two vampires fall in love?

A19.  Love at first bite.


Q20. What do you get if you cross Dracula with a hotdog?

A20.  A fangfurter.


Q21. Why does Dracula drink blood?

A21.  Because Diet Coke makes him burp.


Q22. Where do vampires keep their savings?

A22.  In a blood bank.


Q23. What do ghosts like on their roast beef?

A23.  Grave-y.


Q24. What does a monster eat when he’s just been to the dentist?

A24.  The dentist.


Q25. What does a mailman deliver to ghosts?

A25.  A fang mail.


Chortle, Chortle Jokes For Kids

Knock Knock Jokes and Other Jokes For Kids
Knock Knock Jokes For Kids and Other Jokes For Kids


Pilot: Mayday! Mayday! Starboard engine on fire.

Ground control: State your height and position.

Pilot: I’m five foot nine and sitting in the cockpit.


Q26. What did the astronaut see in his frying pan?

A26.  An unidentified frying object.


Q27. Why did the biscuit cry?

A27.  Because his mother had been a wafer so long.


Q28. Why is a forest always full?

A28.  Because trees a crowd.


Q29. Do babies go on safari?

A29.  Not safari as I know.


Q30. Mommy, Mommy, what’s a werewolf?

A30.  Be quiet Bill and comb your face.


Q31. Why did the man jump from the Empire State Building?

A31.  Because he wanted to make a hit on Broadway.


Q32. Why did the boy throw his clock out of the window?

A32.  To see time fly.


Q33. What do traffic wardens have in their sandwiches?

A33.  Traffic jam.


Q34. Why did the banana go out with the prune?

A34.  Because he couldn’t find a date.


Q35. What race is never run?

A35.  A swimming race.


Q36. What kid of children live in the sea?

A36.  Buoys and gulls.


Q37. If crocodile skins make a good pair of shoes, what do banana skins make?

A37.  Good slippers.


Q38. Who invented the first plane that couldn’t fly?

A38.  The wrong brothers.


Q39. What lives under the sea and carries a lot of people?

A39.  An octobus.


Q40. Which sixties pop group kills all known germs?

A40.  The bleach boys.

Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

Q41. What did the Martian say to the gas pump?

A41.  Take your finger out of your ear when I’m talking to you.


Q42. What happened to the criminal contortionist?

A42.  He turned himself in.


Q43. What did one parallel line say to another?

A43.  “It’s a shame we’ll never meet.”


Q44. What cake is dangerous?

A44.  Atilla the bun.


Q45. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up?

A45.  Because it was tyred.


Q46. What did the big chimney say to another?

A46.  You’re too young to smoke.


Q47. Why couldn’t the sailors play cards?

A47.  Because the captain was standing on the deck.


Q48. What do you give to a sick bird?

A48.  Tweetment.


Q49. What has a bottom at the top?

A49.  A leg.


Q50. What is worse than raining cats and dogs?

A50.  Hailing taxis.


Q51. What do you get if you cross a bridge with a car?

A51.  To the other side of the river.


Q52. What do you get if you cross a bridge with a car?

A52.  The other side of the river.


Funny Food Jokes For Kids

Knock Knock Jokes and Other Jokes For Kids
Knock Knock Jokes For Kids and Other Jokes For Kids


A woman walked up to a man and tried to tell him that he had a leek sticking out of each ear. “I’m sorry,” he said, “I can’t hear you. I’ve got a leek stuck in each ear.”


Q53. Why did the tomato blush?

A53. Because he saw the salad dressing.


Q54. What kind of food does a racehorse eat?

A54. Fast food.


Q55. Did you hear the one about the three eggs?

A55. Two bad.

Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

Q56. Why should you never tell secrets in the produce section?

A56. Because potatoes have eyes and beanstalk.


Q57. Why did the egg go to the jungle?

A57. Because it was an eggsplorer.


Q58. Why did the peanut go to the police?

A58. Because he’d been assaulted.


Q59. What’s yellow and goes click?

A59. A ballpoint banana.


Q60. What looks like half a loaf of bread?

A60. The other half.


Q61. What do you call a mushroom who makes you laugh all day?

A61. A fungi to be with.


Q62. How do you make a sausage roll?

A62. You push it down the hill.


Q63. What’s the fastest bean?

A63. A runner bean.


Q64. How do you make an artichoke?

A64. You strangle it.


Q65. What do Eskimos eat for breakfast?

A65. Ice Krispies.


Q66. Why are cooks cruel?

A66. Because they beat eggs and whip cream.

Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

Q67. Have you seen the salad bowl?

A67. No, but I’ve seen the lunch box.  


Q68. What do dieting cannibals eat?

A68. Thin people.


Q69. What do you call a train loaded with taffy?

A69. A chew chew train.


Q70. What’s white and fluffy and lives in the jungle?

A70. A meringue-utan.


Q71. Why did the banana go to the doctor?

A71. Because it wasn’t peeling very well.


Q72. Why did the apple turnover?

A72. Because it saw the swiss roll.


Big, Gray Elephant Jokes For Kids

Knock Knock Jokes and Other Jokes For Kids
Knock Knock Jokes For Kids and Other Jokes For Kids


Q73. How does an elephant climb an oak tree?

A73. He sits on an acorn and waits until spring.


Q74. What did the grape say when the elephant trod on it?

A74. Nothing, it just let out a wine.


Q75. What is an elephant with no teeth called?

A75. Gumbo.


Q76. What’s the difference between a sleeping elephant and one that’s awake?

A76. With some elephants, it’s hard to tell.


Q77. Why do elephants live in the jungle?

A77. Because it’s too big to live in houses.


Q78. What do you get when you cross an elephant with a biscuit?

A78. Crumbs.


Q79. What’s grey, has four legs, and a trunk?

A79. A mouse going on a holiday.


Q80. What do elephants sing at Christmas?

A80. They sing Jungle bells.


Q81. What’s big, heavy, and gray, and has sixteen wheels?

A81. An elephant on roller skates.


Q82. What’s the difference between a flea and an elephant?

A82. An elephant can have fleas, but a flea can’t have elephants.


Q83. What do you have if you happen to cross an elephant and a kangaroo?

A83. Great big holes all over Australia.


Q84. Why did the elephant wear sunglasses on the beach?

A84. Because he didn’t want to be recognized.


Q85. What did the peanut say to the elephant?

A85. Nothing, peanuts can’t talk.


Q86. What’s the best way to catch an elephant?

A86. Act like a nut and he’ll follow you anywhere.


Q87. What is the same size and shape as an elephant, but weighs nothing?

A87. An elephant’s shadow.


Q88. Why did an elephant tie a knot in his trunk?

A88. To remind himself not to forget his hankie.

Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

Q89. Why did the elephant go backward into the telephone box?

A89. He wanted to reverse the charges.


Q90. What is big, red, and has a trunk?

A90. An elephant with a sunburn.


Q91. What’s big, gray, heavy and wears glass slippers?

A91. Cinderellaphant.


Q92. What’s big, gray and protects you from the rain?

A92. An umbrellaphant.


What’s so funny? Silly Jokes For Kids

Knock Knock Jokes and Other Jokes For Kids
Knock Knock Jokes For Kids and Other Jokes For Kids


My brother’s built upside down. His nose runs and his feet smell.


Captain: We’re sinking! Quick, send an SOS.

First mate: OK. How do you spell it?


Two pigeons were flying over a car dealer’s yard one day and one said, “Why don’t we put a deposit on that Mercedes?”


Child: Mommy, Mommy, do you see any change in me?

Mother: No, why?

Child: I’ve just swallowed $5.


Q93. What did the wall say to the plug?

A93. Socket to me, baby!


Q94. What did the policeman say to his stomach?

A94. You’re under a vest.


Q95. You’re stomach’s too fat, you’ll have to diet.

A95. Alright but what color?


Q96. How do you make a bandstand?

A96. Hide all their chairs.


Q97. Mommy, Mommy, do I have to wash my hands before playing the piano?

A97. Not if you only play the black notes.


Q98. Why shouldn’t you tell jokes when you’re ice skating?

A98. Because the ice might crack up.


Q99. Did you hear the one about the magic tractor?

A99. It turned into a field.


Q100. What gets wetter as it dries?

A100. A towel.


Q101. Why are you dancing with that jar of jelly?

A101. It says, “Twist to open.”


Q102. What type of monster eats the fastest?

A102. A goblin.


Q103. What nuts can be found in space?

A103. Astronuts.


Q104. Why did the sailor grab a bar of soap when his ship was sinking?

A104. He was hoping he’d be washed ashore.


Q105. What does the sea say to the sand?

A105. Not much. It just waves.


Q106. What kind of bow s impossible to tie?

A106. A rainbow.


Q107. Why do bees have sticky hair?

A107. Because of their honey combs.


Q108. What do you call a sorceress who asks for lifts in cars?

A108. A witch hiker.


Q109. How do you make an apple puff?

A109. Chase it around the garden.


Q111. Where does a general keep his armies?

A111. Up his sleeves.


Q112. Why do wizards drink tea?

A112. Because sorcerers need cuppas.


Q113. What is red and white?

A113. Pink.


Q114. Why don’t witches wear a flat hat?

A114. Because there’s no point in it.


Q115. What’s red and green?

A115. A tomato working part-time as a cucumber.

Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

Q116. What happened when Moses had a headache?

A116. God gave him some tablets.


Q117. Why was the doctor working on the highway?

A117. It needed a by-pass surgery.


Q118. What did one eye say to the other?

A118. There’s something between us that smells.


Q119. Why did the robber have a bath?

A119. So he could make a clean getaway.


Q120. What did Cinderella say when she took her photos to be developed?

A120. Someday my prints will come.


Q121. Can a show box?

A121. No, but a tin can.


Q122. Why should you never put the letter “M” in the fridge?

A122. Because it turns “ice” into “mice.”


Q123. Where does your sister live?


Don’t worry, I’ll ask her myself.


Q124. Why is it difficult to keep a secret on a cold day?

A124. Because you can’t stop your teeth from chattering.


Q125. Why didn’t anyone take the bus to school?

A125. Because it won’t fit through the door.


Q126. Why do witches get good bargains?

A126. Because they like to haggle.


Q127. What is big, hairy, and flies to London faster than the speed of sound?

A127. King Kongcorde.


Q128. What do you call high-rise apartments for pigs?

A128. Sty scrapers.


Q129. What sort of lights did Noah’s Ark have?

A129. Flood lights.


Q130. What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back?

A130. A stick.


Q131. Why did the cleaning lady stop work?

A131. Because she found that grime doesn’t pay.


Knock Knock Jokes For Kids
Knock Knock Jokes For Kids and Other Jokes For Kids


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This book is a worthwhile purchase as it not only has unique jokes but also because it helps your children understand the complexity of language (without making it obvious) from a very young age.

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2. Knock Knock Jokes For Kids

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Elliott covers knock knock jokes along with other hilarious jokes for kids that are guaranteed to leave your children in splits!

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3. The Jokiest Joking Joke Book Ever Written… No Joke!

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Knock Knock Jokes For Kids


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