Tips for Throwing an Epic Launch Party

“Go big or go home” is a somewhat outdated saying, but apt when it comes to your startup’s launch party.
Your launch should resonate with your brand’s personality and energy because whether you know it or not, people will associate your company with the vibes they get at your launch party, so epic launch equals epic company.
A great launch requires more than just free food, red wine, swag, and entertainment (although these things are important for a good time).
The turnout you receive depends on factors like marketing and reputation.
Reputation is in many cases more important than marketing.
Your new business has not proven itself in the market yet, so while your party should be great, people are really coming for you, because they know (or should have known) you and what you can do.
Throwing a launch party by yourself in an industry that you’re unfamiliar with can be difficult.
Before throwing your party, ensure that you or someone on your team has a good enough reputation in the industry that can sway people, with some marketing efforts.
If you’re new to the industry, a launch party may not be the best idea.
The best launch parties are thrown by people or companies that have been in the industry and have proved themselves good at what they do.
Start with learning and building your skills under a mentor or company.
When you have amassed years of experience and a robust portfolio you may launch.
This may not apply to those in the dropshipping business.
In fact, people just starting can benefit immensely from a great launch party. For example, if you’re starting a Shopify store powered by dropshipping software like, you can offer discounts to customers who attend your launch.
Modalyst automation software can help you manage all the necessary preparations.
They also have a help centre that you get access to with a Modalyst account.


Tips for Throwing an Epic Launch Party
Depending on the number of guests you’re expecting, you can use an indoor hall or an outdoor space.
Indoor spaces offer more exclusivity but may have limited capacity.
Outdoor spaces can offer a wide selection of activities but may risk overexposure, especially if you’re going for exclusivity (and you should).
The best solution, provide an indoor space outdoors via modern tents equipped with lights, sound, video, and wireless.


Send out simple, genuine invitations.
Adding a personal note to each invite would be a great way to make each person feel specially invited because they are.
Try as much as possible to send invites to the big dogs in your industry or, at least, to people who have sway and can influence others to come.

Food and Drinks

Tips for Throwing an Epic Launch Party
Because your launch is technical a business event doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up, it is called a launch party after all (emphasis on “party”).
If you have a good number of people coming you have to go wide with the drinks.
While you can always get drinks from a liquor store, you may want to use a dedicated supplier for this one.
You’ll need several brands of red wine, white wine, bourbon, tequila, whiskey, gin, vodka, sauvignon blanc, and combinations like rye whiskey, tonics, other alcoholic beverages, and juice, just to have enough for everyone’s taste.


A nice venue, heartfelt invites, and great food and drinks mean nothing if there is no substance to your party.
One way to do this is by being someone that people want to be around.
This can be achieved by taking a genuine interest in people.
Seek more to help others than to sell to them or get them to help you.
Another way is to give something free. It doesn’t have to be expensive.
It could be an accessory or a souvenir.


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