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We have listed four must-have apps to file into the Essentials folder of your home screen.


1. HelpChecker

The app provides a reliable way to suit your needs-they also use Aadhaar and police verification to get candidates.

Allowing you to filter the type of ‘help’ you seek- a cook, nanny, or driver, on a full-time or part-time basis- the app then lets you get in touch with the candidate via the private chat option.

The Chatterbox feature allows users to connect with each other and form a support group.


2. Maya

This app helps you track your period, set health reminders, monitor pregnancies and get in touch with doctors.

It lets you enter in your past period dates, and based on that, it predicts your future cycle dates.

The app lets you sync your menstrual and work calendars, helping you plan your work accordingly. Maya is available in 14 international languages.

It is also the winner of Facebook’s FbStart Apps of the Year 2017.

Available on Android and iOS.


3. Shake2Safety

This app allows you to send an SOS text to or call a pre-registered number, with a link to your current location, in case of an emergency.

It works even without an internet connection. To activate the app, all you need to do is shake your phone or press the power button four times.

Once you’ve selected who you’d like to set as your emergency contact, you’ll need to choose whether you want to call, message or both when you shake your device.

Available on Android.

Since the app is not available to download on iOS, users can try Raksha, which is a similar app.


4. MyPill

This app is just what you need for your birth control regimen. The app’s home screen looks like a package of pills, making it easy to tell what day you’re on and how many days you have left into the pack.

You can also keep track of your period and mark the days you’ve had sexual intercourse.

The app sends timely notifications, reminding you when to take the pill and when it’s time to buy a new pack, and it also works without internet access.

The app is also useful while using the skin patch or the vaginal (ring method) of birth control.

Available on Android and iOS.


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