The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Life Purpose Coach

Our finite lives have infinite purposes. We are not just born in this magnanimous Universe to live out our days slogging through work and establishing nothing for ourselves. We are not just born to barely get through work and forget to live for ourselves and for the service of others. And, we are born so that out finite days get a meaning, and no matter how long or short our lives might be, we must be able to live it to the fullest. We are born so that we can make the most of our income and chase our passion the same. Our jobs might not always be aligned with our passions, and that is okay! What matters is that we learn to stay dedicated to our source of livelihood, pursue our hobbies and serve the greater good of society. Once we have these sorted or have at least taken a step in the right direction, we shall know that we have served our purpose. And it is really not that difficult to find our purpose in lives, but it will be puerile to think that one can wake up a fine morning and reach the point of self-actualization. It takes effort, time and a deep understanding of the self. And when one cannot understand the purpose of the self, there comes the necessity of a life purpose coach.
You might not have heard much about a life purpose coach, or might just have a very vague idea of the same.
However, fret not; the article here talks about what a life purpose coach is and how to become one with the aim of driving others to find their said purpose.
And the best part of this job is that you can very well make good money out of it and help your clients be their best selves.
And we are now going to stop wasting more precious words and time, and take you through the skills and requirements of this meaningful job.

Life Purpose Coaches are Not Therapists or Consultation Services

A businessman and a client during their meeting.
Yes, we know you have questions by now. We know that you might be a tad confused about the difference between a life purpose coach and that of a therapist.
In fact, by now, you might have confused a life purpose coach with a job consultation agency. Yes, the lines are pretty thin here.
However, rest assured that as a life purpose coach, you will not be working as a therapist (that is a whole another ball game) and neither will you be advising your clients on what to do and what not to do.
It is more of a developmental process that helps your clients realize their true potential and put that to use in their personal and professional lives.

Key Skills of a Life Purpose Coach

This is the part where we provide you with the nutshell of what skills are desired of a life purpose coach.
Can you wake up one fine morning, decide to quit your 9 to 5 and become a full-time life purpose coach?
The answer to the question is pretty much a NO.
There are a few skills that you must either have innately or must develop over time to make this job a success. 

  • You need to have more than just good listening skills. Remember, you are not a therapist. You are a coach.
  • You need to have the air of an entrepreneur about yourself because it is nothing less than having a business of your own.
  • A life purpose coach needs to be able to market well and have great networking skills. It is important to remember that you do not have a charitable service. It is your job, and you need to make money from it.
  • As a life purpose coach, you need to be able to budget fairly and add a dash of creativity to your coaching style. Your creativity is what is going to set you apart from the rest in the same market.
  • Finally, you must be a leader with a strong moral and ethical compass. You need to lead your clients in the right direction and help them put their entire potential to good use.


Steps to Becoming a Life Purpose Coach

You now know what the role of a life purpose coach is and how they are different from a therapist or a job consultation service.
You also know the key skills required to become a life purpose coach.
In this segment of the article, we shall look closely at the ways you can approach the job of becoming a life purpose coach and with much gusto.

1. Understand Which Niche You Will Perform the Best In

There are several niches in the umbrella term of a life purpose coach.
The first step to becoming a life purpose coach and taking that up as your occupation is to understand which niche you will perform the best in.
For instance, you could become a leadership coach, a spiritual coach, a business or executive coach, a personal improvement coach, and so many more.
However, it might not be easy to understand your forte, and there are a few things you can do to help yourself in the same.

a. Ask Relevant Questions to Yourself

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Life Purpose Coach

You can start by asking yourself a few relevant and valuable questions to understand yourself better.

Ask yourself what it is that you excel at, or what valuable experience and expertise you have that you might be great at training others.

We all have our very specific skill sets, unique and worth sharing.

You might want to try to understand that about yourself and hone those skills so that you can train your clients in the same way.


b. Understand Your Passion for a Particular Niche

You might be passionate about becoming a leadership coach than a family coach.

You have to find your calling and act accordingly.

No one can do that for you, and this is something that you must do for yourself.

You might be passionate about becoming a personal development coach, training your clients to control and calibrate their habits instead of giving them up.

A look at the summary of the US poker market will reveal how personal development coaches have helped clients calibrate gambling habits, and in turn, significantly contributed to the growth of the market in a positive way.


Get Certified

Once you have sorted the niche and realized where your full potential as a life coach lies in, it is time to get certified.
Your worth as a life purpose coach will be more if you have a relevant certificate at your disposal.
In an ideal and utopian world, talent would matter more than anything else, more than a piece of paper.
But this world requires proof of your skills, and therefore, you must see to it that you have enrolled yourself in a training programme for yourself and earned a certificate of the highest possible order.
This will add more weightage to your profession and help you get more clients.

Roll-off Your Business

Now that you have earned a certificate, it is important that you set up your business by following the protocols.
Budget the business well. Know where you need to spend and where you must pull the strings, and also follow the right policies.
Steer clear from malpractices since they will lead you nowhere.
There are a few things that you must keep at the back of your mind while setting up your business.

a. Taxes

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Life Purpose Coach

You must understand the type and classification of your business, and hence, do research about the kind of taxes you need to pay.

This will keep you in the know and help you plan your budget well.

There will not be any unwelcome and unpleasant surprises over there.


b. Costs

When talking about costs, there are a few things that you need to understand.

For instance, based on the scale of your coaching business, you might want to budget your programmes.

At the end of the day, the coaching business is your source of livelihood, and you need to make money out of it.


Market, Network and Build a Social Media Presence

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Life Purpose Coach
We know how important it is to be able to market and network properly to scale your business and get more clients.
There are multiple ways to do the same.
For starters, have a fully SEO-optimised website for your business and connect the same to various social media platforms.
Social media and SEO go hand-in-hand, and you must be able to exploit this explosive combination to reach out to more people.
This is one of the best ways to network more and market your brand.
You might also want to attend more relevant conferences and events to network the old-style way.
When you strike a balance between the traditional marketing ways and the new age ones, you shall be able to take your life purpose coaching business to ginormous heights.

Finally: Upgrade Your Skills and Methods

Stagnancy is the death of any business affair.
You must be able to move forwards by amalgamating technique with technology and keep looking for ways to hone your skills.
You can also upgrade your certification programmes and add on to your qualifications.
This way, you will always stay ahead of the curve and emerge as the leading name in the market of life purpose coaches.


These are some of the very basic steps that you must follow if you want to become a life purpose coach worth your salt.
The trick is to provide to your clients with a service that is unique and better than the rest in the market.
And in order to do so, you must have the right training and skills at your disposal.
As a life purpose coach, it is your sacred responsibility to train and develop your clients in specific areas, and help them become successful in the jobs and projects they undertake.
Therefore, you might as well dedicate yourself to the job and have a steady source of income too!


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