Lion Tattoo

A lion tattoo isn’t for the faint-hearted.


Individuals in conservative societies are often isolated and bullied and these individuals face prejudice all their lives.

Individuals with tattoos, more specifically with skulls and roses were earlier associated with ‘rebels’ or ‘thugs’, but in the recent years, this negative ideology has changed and now more and more individuals are interested in getting a tattoo.

Today, modern society has learned to accept individuals with tattoos wholeheartedly. Tattoos are no longer associated with a negative image, instead is seen as a form of art and a way of expressing oneself.

Both the sexes are now actively getting tattoos and are no longer worried about rude and harsh comments since society has now changed for the better.


But Why Should I Get a Lion Tattoo?

Because lion symbolizes strength. Lions have always been associated with power and strength. Apart from being majestic they are also proud and refuse to be tamed.

Their shiny golden manes have an aura of royalty and intimidate all other creatures and therefore rule the jungle. And this is precisely why a lion tattoo is an ideal choice for individuals today.

Lions have a number of traits that are similar to that of an individual – dominance, pride, hunger for power, intelligence, strength, authority and wisdom- and is therefore compared to humans. Every human may see a lion tattoo differently and interpret it in their own way.

However, one common symbolic meaning of a lion tattoo is that if you have it, people automatically look at you with more respect and admiration. There’s something about lion tattoos that make people feel like you are in charge.

The best part about getting a lion tattoo is that not only is it extremely versatile but it has endless creative possibilities. From black and grey to lively and colorful, a lion tattoo is guaranteed to look great (until of course, your tattoo artist decides to mess it up).


Popular Types of Lion Tattoos

While some individuals prefer to go with a full-body look lion tattoo, others opt for the lion’s face. Here are a few popular lion tattoos:


  1. Full-body tattoo

A full-body lion tattoo generally has a lion standing/sitting proudly and screams masculinity. A lion tattoo of this type would look great when the area of skin is large as it allows more scope and space for detailing.

Therefore, getting lion tattoos on chest, biceps or back is a wise choice.


  1. Lion Face/Head tattoo

Individuals generally opt for a large lion tattoo that emphasizes on the face or head of a lion. It is a great representation of fierce power, perseverance, and strength.

This type of lion tattoo simply represents that you have the power and perseverance to win against all odds.


  1. Lioness tattoo

Mostly preferred by the fairer sex, the lioness signifies motherhood, family, and protection. It is an ideal choice for women who appear fierce from the outside but are tender and loving from the inside-exactly like a lioness.

Men and women who sport this type of lion tattoo are believed to have the capability of sparing themselves from any harm or danger.


  1. Rasta tattoo

It is a unique lion tattoo that carries a religious and spiritual meaning. Closely associated with a crown, it shows that the individual having it is worthy of love and most of all, utmost respect.

This type of lion tattoo also promotes acceptance of beliefs of other people and their culture.


Ideal Placement of a Lion Tattoo

A lion tattoo is highly customizable and therefore can be of any size and have any amount of details depending on what you like.

Since tattoos are once-in-a-lifetime kind of decision, I suggest you pay close attention to the placement.

Placement depends on the size of the tattoo you choose.

For instance, if you decide to get a lion tattoo that is of say 10 or 12 inches in length and about 5 or 6 inches in width, then the best choice would be to get it on your chest or on your back.

But, if you choose to get a smaller tattoo then it can easily be placed anywhere on the body- from your collarbone to your ankle and give a cute but sexy vibe. Add some color to make it more noticeable (read #instagramworthy).

However, one exclusive and rarely talked about space for a lion tattoo is your thigh.

It’s exclusive and adds a unique charm to it because not everyone has the privilege to see it- unless you decide to prance around in hot-pants for the rest of your life.

Only your loved one can see it and isn’t that really special?

And for all those of you who want to keep it low-prof, here are a few *clever* hidden spots to get a lion tattoo:

  1. Bottom of your feet
  2. The side of your feet
  3. On/behind your ear
  4. Between your fingers
  5. Inner Lip
  6. Deep on the ankle
  7. Underboob/sideboob
  8. Neck
  9. Under your armpit
  10. Inner bicep
  11. Ribcage


lion Tattoo placement on the body

How to Prep for a Lion Tattoo

A lion tattoo isn’t for the faint-hearted. And therefore prepping right should be your number one priority.

A tattoo defines you as a person and that’s enough reason to choose a design you can truly relate to. One that makes you say “this is so me!” out loud.

Search the internet, take suggestions from friends and family, ask your tattoo artist but before all that sit-down and design a rough tattoo.

And if you are god-awful at drawing then just list out the elements you’d like in your tattoo and be as descriptive as possible.

Doing this will not just help you visualize what you want but also reduce the risk of getting something you regret for the rest of your life.

Here are some prepping tips:

  1. Do your research

It’s a recipe for disaster if you’re planning to waltz into a tattoo parlor and hoping to get the tattoo of your life.

That never happens in real life because a good tattoo requires a decent amount of research.

Read reviews, ask around, meet people who got their tattoos from the same parlor you’ve narrowed down, visit the parlor and see for yourself- check for colors, equipment, the experience of the artist, their working style, level of creativity, etc.

If everything seems fine and satisfies you, then, only then finalize the tattoo parlor/artist.


  1. Find a trustable tattoo artist

Tattoo artists are like doctors- their tiny mistake is enough to mess up your life. So, find a tattoo artist who understands you and you can trust.

And when you do, take their advice rather than ignoring it simply because they know better.

Consider their suggestions on color, size, design, and placement. Don’t be afraid to ask questions but don’t piss your artist either. G

et the tattoo you want but also prepare yourself to compromise a little.


  1. Refrain from price haggling

Simple advice? Don’t do it. Tattoo parlors aren’t the same as vegetable markets so don’t insult them by bargaining for petty amounts.

Yes, tattoos are expensive and don’t wish for something that doesn’t fit in your budget. It’s really that simple.

Don’t walk into a tattoo parlor with a Dior handbag and ask for a discount.

If you can afford expensive clothes and shoes, you can definitely spend a small fortune on something that will there with you for the rest of your (long) life.


  1. Follow the safety precautions

Like keeping in mind that the tattoo parlor/artist meet the basic hygiene and safety standards.

Keep your skin hydrated, moisturized and take good care of it during the healing period.

Take the safety advice of your tattoo artist very seriously as tattoos can easily catch infections which might get you in A LOT of trouble.


  1. Understand the risks associated with it

Tattoos, in general, are a risky affair because they can give you skin infections, or cause allergic reactions or some other skin related problems or in some cases disease.


Estimated Service Price and Cost of a Lion Tattoo

A lion tattoo will burn a hole in your pocket. A lion tattoo is more complex than say, writing your name or drawing geometrical shapes.

Usually, a lion tattoo starts between $100 to $150 and varies on size, design, colors, details, and placement.

While some tattoo parlors will charge you less for the same tattoo, they will be doing so by compromising on the ink or equipment, etc. Don’t risk it for a petty amount.


Celebrities With a Lion Tattoo

Lions not only symbolize strength and courage, but they also represent the astrological symbol for Leo. Leos are individuals who are born between 23rd July and 22nd August.

From Rumer Willis to Demi, I’ve rounded up all the celebrities with a lion tattoo to give you the courage you need to get one too:


  1. Justin Bieber

Singer of one of the most popular song “baby” has a lot of tattoos on his chest but the crowned lion’s face stands out amongst others.

Admire the tattoo (and also the perfectly chiseled body while you’re at it).

Justin Bieber's tattoo


  1. Rumer Willis

Willis got a classic lion tattoo in the name of her astrological sign on her bicep.


  1. Ed Sheeran

What is it with singers and chest tattoos? Really? Ed has a beautiful lion tattoo that according to him signifies dual meaning in his life.


  1. Demi Lovato

Demi recently added a lion tattoo to her collection of tattoos. She has a black and white lion’s face on the back of her hand.


  1. Liam Payne

Google it already!


  1. Cara Delevingne

It is evident from Cara’s IG feed that she loves lions and it didn’t come as a surprise when she got a lion tattoo on her index finger.


  1. Mena Suvari

If you really want to slay a lion tattoo, then learn from Mena who has been slaying it since 2010. She has a large lion tattoo on the back of her neck with “word, sound, power” written below it.

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