Love-Tech Connections

Technology helps people connect across time and space.

Our hectic lifestyles can put a strain on our relationships, especially when we aren’t able to spend quality time with those close to our hearts.

Add frequent travels into the mix and the distance and time apart can impact any relationship.

Be it a short hop over to Singapore from Malaysia for a business meeting, or a long-haul flight to the other side of the world, traveling, without a doubt, eats into time for family and friends.

The need to stay connected with the loved ones intensifies come festivals, holiday seasons and of course, after February the month of love.

Fortunately, technology has evolved so much that now, we can actually be in two places at once, well figuratively anyway.

Thanks to that brilliantly powerful invention called the computer, technology allows us to instantaneously connect with anyone, anywhere in the world.

With global connectivity now literally at our fingertips, we are no longer limited by conventional boundaries.

The notion of being out of touch is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

These tips and tricks are a sure way to keep you connected, always.

Download and Connect with apps like Line or Skype
Download and Connect with apps like Line or Skype

Download and Connect

The smartphone has achieved the scientific technology mark that our forefathers only dreamt about- that mobile computer in your pocket enables you to talk to anyone no matter the physical distance with just the touch of your keypad.

Smartphone technology allows you not only to hear the voice but see the face of a loved one as well.

Video calls have become quite a rage, especially for those special occasions when voice calls alone just won’t do.

Download apps like Skype or Line that come with built-in video call functionality and you have access 24-seven access to those far away.

Not to be forgotten is instant messaging.

For times when voice or video calls are inconvenient, instant messaging makes it a cinch to communicate in real time with friends and family.

More robust and interactive than the typical SMS, instant messaging is the answer to staying connected wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection.

With apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Line, you’re good to go.


Touch and Connect

Technology has even made it possible for people to physically interact with each other while separated by vast distances.

A small company called Little Riot has released digital wristbands, Pillow Talk, for the romantically involved.

When a couple, separated by the miles simultaneously uses the Internet-connected band, the bands send heartbeats from one to the other, leaving the pillow talk wearers with the feeling that their significant other is in the same room with them- offering a whole new level of intimacy!


Start-up and Connect

The age of robotics is already upon us, so it makes good sense to invest in your very own robot.

Telepresence robots have been around for a while now, but Japan’s SoftBank Corp. is the first manufacturer of a model specifically meant for consumers.

Pepper, as the model is called, allows videos and sound to be recorded and transmitted over the Internet so that the people around Pepper can interact just as if the person who is always right there with them.

Pepper even has mobility, thanks to wheels and motors installed in her.


Create and Connect

Apple iWatch
Apple iWatch

The Apple iWatch is a surefire hit with those with a creative flair. With the Apple iWatch, you actually get to send your love to your partner, right from your wrist!

This iWatch allows you to send emojis, drawings and even recordings of their heartbeats to other iWatch users.

It seems that, without missing a beat, the sentiment ‘keep me close to your heart’ is real-time with the Apple iWatch.


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