Mahashivratri Special- 11 Lessons to Learn from Lord Shiva

Living an ascetic life on Mount Kailash, depicted as an omniscient Yogi, Lord Shiva needs no introduction.

According to the mythologies, Puranas, scriptures, and some of the popular beliefs, Lord Shiva meditates on one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas.

Also regarded as Devo-Ke-Dev, Mahadeva is limitless, eternal, the creator, or simply, he is EVERYTHING!

On this occasion of Mahashivratri, let’s take a look at 11 lessons to learn from Mahadeva:

Lessons to Learn from Lord Shiva

1. Self-Control

There is no one in this world who can align the mind and soul to the goals as Mahadeva does!

Meditation, the calm mind and kind personality make him the creator.

This is must learn as an uncontrolled mind and heart can lead to many troubles in life, even can destroy everything.


2. Never Tolerate Evil, No Matter What!

Destroyer of evil is another way out of many how Lord Shiva is recognized.

He never tolerates injustice, destroys rakshasa no matter what.

This is the kind of learning we need from him- never tolerate mishap and evil.

Always be strong and take stand against injustice.


3. Stay Away from Materialistic Happiness

Calm Shiva delivers a very straight-forward message with his attire, happiness lies within you, just find it out.

People today are behind wealth and still unhappy. Reason being they are behind materialistic happiness that is temporary.

Actual happiness lies in events and experiences.


4. Keeping Calm is Must

There are reasons why Lord Shiva is regarded as “Maha Yogi”.

Lord Shiva is mostly in the meditative state of mind for the wellbeing of the universe.

It reflects that fact that you win half of the battle when you have a calm mind.

Stressful situations can take place at any point in time where a calm mind can work wonders.


5. Transform Negativity into Positive

As we all know, Lord Shiva swallowed poison due to which his throat turned blue.

This gave him another name called Neel Kantha!

Only Lord Shiva could have swallowed the poison and turned it into positivity.

Lesson from this incident is how well can you turn the negatives into positives.


6. Desire is a Road towards Destruction

Lord teaches us a very important lesson, desire leads to an obsession that results in destruction.

Neel Kantha is always away and frees from desires.

He has his own way to stay happy and motivated.  


7. Keep in Control the Ego and Pride

You keep yourself away from greatness and achievements when you carry ego with you.

You can be among the least loved individuals if you have an ego.

Ego is sure to keep you away from your goals and dreams.

Lord Shiva not only controls his ego but also never tolerates anyone else’s ego.


8. Respect Women

One of the most popular avatars of Lord is as Ardhanarishwar where half of him is Parvati!

Lean from the Lord how to respect a woman and how to provide them with the utmost care and most importantly, respect.


9. Understand that Nothing is Permanent

Nothing will exist forever, Lord understands this so well.

This lesson can help us in many ways.

When you will realize the fact that nothing stays with you forever you will be ready to understand this point.


10. Dance and Enjoy

Natraja is one of the most recognized forms of Lord Shiva as he is also known as the King of Dance.

This could be one of the finest ways to enjoy some quality time alone and keep yourself happy.


11. Research before Getting Involved in anything

Denying the fact doesn’t change anything.

The Ganga in Shiva’s hair showcases the end of ignorance.

Involve yourself in proper research before getting into anything.


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