Mega Spins Slot Feature

There is no frequent online slot player that does not know or hasn’t heard the term, ‘mega spins.’
Even if you don’t understand what it means, you can’t deny that it sounds like a big deal for anyone playing slots at 666casino Norway.
Although mega spins aren’t accessible when it comes to gaming, there is no doubt that they are increasingly becoming a part of many online slots.
Since mega slots are still a bit new to the online casino scene, there are not a lot of casinos that offer mega spins, and even some of them that claim to provide these mega spins don’t do it right.

What are Mega Spins?

Mega spins are a type of bonus found in online slots.
Mega spins are usually given out in combination with another bonus feature, like being part of the welcome package that a player gets when they are new to an online casino.
Usually, when a player signs up on an online casino, they get a no deposit bonus, and some casinos also offer mega spins on the slots they offer.
However, the number of spins you get depends on the type of casino you go for.
It would be best if you researched before you decide to use a casino because the higher your mega spins, the higher the earnings.

History of the Mega Spins

Slot machines had become the most popular games in brick and mortar casinos in the 1960s, where different developers continued to come out with different designs and more significant tools that appealed to players.
The golden age of casinos made way for the development of mega spins features in slots.
This came as a result of the efforts of developers to make games that appeal to players more than others.
Back then, mega spins were based on giving bigger jackpots than usual, but this was the foundation of the type of mega spins that online casinos and slots offer to players today.

Difference between Mega Spins and Normal Spins

Average free spins are usually worth around $0.01 to $0.50 per spin, which means that you are staking a minimal amount of money.
When it comes to mega spins, each turn can be worth at least $1 and at most $5, which is more than quadruple of what an average spin will give to you.
For example, if you get 50 mega spins when you sign up on a casino and each spin is worth $3, you automatically get $150 to stake and hopefully win with most of the spins.
If you use the usual spins worth $0.20 and you are given 50 free spins, this translates to only $10 to stake.
This will lead to bigger wins, at least double of what you would have won with an average spin because you will be staking a more substantial amount of money.
This is why a lot of people go for casinos or online slots with mega spins.
No regular player will go for a casino that has average free spins over a casino that offers mega spins. The value of the mega spins also depends on the casino.
Another difference between the mega spin and regular free spins is the quota given by the casino.
Because of the tremendous value of mega spins, casinos usually place a quota that players have to meet before they can withdraw their earnings from the mega spins.
This is different from the standard free spins, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t very good.
Just because one has to wait for a while before they can withdraw their earnings doesn’t mean that they won’t want to enjoy the significant values of mega spins.

Mega Spins with Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are a long time favourite amongst online casino players, and so when online slots combine mega spins with progressive jackpots, players come rushing in.
This is because this is the most lucrative bonus that one can hit on an online slot.
A progressive jackpot is a type of jackpot in which the value increases every time there is a losing spin.
Now, imagine the spins are not standard spins but mega spins instead.
The enormous amount of the mega spins will continue to contribute to the jackpot, and when you finally win, you will get a massive mega jackpot.

Benefits of Playing with Mega Spins

The first benefit of playing with mega spins is the high payout. With mega spins, you can enjoy way more than you would have when playing with standard spins.
Although there is no guarantee that you will win with all your spins, but you will still earn a considerable amount that is more than what you would have won when playing with usual free spins.
If you join an online casino or play an online slot that offers mega spins with high values, you should go for the free spins bonus every time you play because that’s where the real profit is.
With mega spins, you can also accumulate your wins and withdraw them in bulk.
Wins from mega spins are always high, and since the casino will place a quota on your withdrawal, you can be sure that you will be withdrawing big wins when it is finally time.
You can also use the big wins to stake again for bigger wins, or you can remove it and enjoy the benefits of playing with mega spins.
Although it’s not common, a lot of casinos and slots still offer mega spins.
You can always play with any of them and still enjoy other bonuses.
When you have your mega spins with additional features like the progressive jackpot, or you win it with the scatter symbol on the online slot, it even makes it bigger and better.
You can also earn a lot if you use a wild card while playing with one of your mega spins; it increases your chances and speed of winning.
Mega spins are every casino player’s favourite because of their big wins and benefits.
With the combination of other bonuses, you can enjoy mega spins on many online casinos.


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