How To Make Money Using ClickFunnels?

‘Making money online’ – many of us have heard these words.
Sometimes they may sound scandalous.
But they are not false all the time.
The advent of many online programs has paved the way for using online tools to make money.
One such online money-making scheme is online marketing.
Online marketing has grown manifold over the years.
Since its beginning, online marketing showed great potential.
Sites like Amazon and Google mainly rely on online marketing schemes.
One such marketing program is affiliate marketing.
In an affiliate marketing system, a company hires a bunch of ‘affiliates’ who make marketing campaigns on their behalf.
In exchange, they receive certain commission upon the sale of the product.
Commissions could be fixed or vary with the amount of sales they make.
Affiliate sales programs were big in the ’90s. They became bigger in the 2000s.
All the big online marketing sites like eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba use affiliate programs to make sales on their site.
It is a profitable way for both the producer and the affiliates, as they get to focus on their own area of expertise.
One such affiliate program is the ClickFunnels program.
It has opened a way to make money online, like nothing before.
Apart from being an affiliate, it offers other opportunities for you to make money online.
This article tries to discuss the money-making opportunities through ClickFunnels programs.

About ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel software.
Sales funneling is an old word in the world of marketing.
It means using marketing techniques to see a customer from checking a product to buying it, in short, funnel the sale.
In modern times, funneling has gone online.
Software like ClickFunnels optimize your online marketing.
ClickFunnels is one step forward. It works toward bringing sales leads and then turning those leads into buying customers.
Finally, it finalizes anything regarding the sale for the owner of the business.
ClickFunnels lets you create all the standard online marketing schemes such as a landing page, which is creating a face for a business online; affiliate programs, we already talked about this; webinars, for promoting a product; lets you create product checkout pages, and many other functions.
With proper ClickFunnels affiliate training, you would be ready to make money with ClickFunnels in no time.
How To Make Money Using ClickFunnels?

How to make money with ClickFunnels

There are several ways to make money with the ClickFunnels.
The most prominent way is the ClickFunnels affiliate program.
Here you work as affiliates to bring in sales.
In ClickFunnels, there are two different schemes for buyers.
There is a 297 dollar scheme, which pays 40% as commission to the affiliate attached; the amount comes down to 118 dollars or more.
The second one, priced at 97 dollars, has the same payout ratio, and it gives 38.80 dollars.
With their effective affiliate program, and with your little effort, you could be easily making thousands of dollars every month.
And that is not the end of it. ClickFunnels even allows you to earn passively.
Their sticky cookies program is a unique one.
Through this program, if a buyer uses your referrals to buy a product even after a very long time, you still earn money from your referral.
There’s a slight hiccup, though.
For sticky cookies to work, the member who will use it has to be a paid member of ClickFunnels.
The good news is you do not have to be a paid member to promote this scheme.
Another way is to use your own business in the affiliate program.
You can promote the products you know using your affiliate membership.
This has twofold advantages for you.
First of all, you get to market your own product in your own way.
And that allows you to represent it in the best way possible, better than others.
Besides, using a site like ClickFunnels will also bring extra benefits of instant selling.
The second benefit is it increases your account reputation.
Your rank among affiliates gets better as your efforts or referrals make sales, which will evidently allow you to get more and better opportunities as an affiliate.
Besides, you get 40% of your investments back anyway.
So, promoting your own business using ClickFunnels is an all-out win-win strategy for you.
Another option is to kickstart a sales funnel system. In your area or any other area, there will always be businesses that are dying due to a lack of presence online.
They are looking for every opportunity to get some online marketing done.
Maybe they do not have the knowledge to do it.
Small businesses are especially vulnerable in this way.
You can lend a helping hand to these businesses. Again this is a win-win solution for both parties.
For the struggling businesses, they now get a new opportunity online to promote their businesses using your funneling prowess. 
On the other hand, this changes things for you, as you get up the ladder by making referrals and getting sure sales.
To start this type of sales funnel, you have to have proper knowledge about the businesses around your area and scout them properly.
Once you have found such businesses, you can offer them a funnel for a respectable sum between 500 and 1000 dollars.
Upon reaching an agreement, you can offer them the referral link and tell them to sign up for ClickFunnels.
And if they are satisfied with the service, they may choose to stay with ClickFunnels for longer, which will mean more profit for you in the end, as there are recurring commissions. 
The next trick you can use is integrating your email with your ClickFunnels.
Emails have been a great source of marketing throughout multiple decades now.
It is the oldest method of sales funneling online. If you are confident enough to use it, then you can link your ClickFunnels with your email.
You can generate some extra profit by throwing referrals via emails. Do not drop a link in their DM like spam.
Rather take time and write a proper mail body before sending it to your audience. 
Over time, online marketing has become a great earning source for many.
Platforms, such as ClickFunnels, offer the best and most optimized system for online marketing, and if you are looking to make some money online, you should take up this opportunity.


Navrajvir Singh
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