6 Key Moving Day Tips

Moving to a new home? Moving day can bring a whole host of emotions and it is certainly a day which can be both physically and mentally demanding for everyone. You will want the entire moving process to be as smooth and efficient as possible, but for this to happen it is important that you are well prepared and know what you are doing. 

When you are well prepared, it should help to reduce stress while also ensuring that everything goes according to plan. 

Read on for a few tips which will hopefully help the day to go according to plan.


1. Seek Help

Having a few extra pairs of hands is always helpful on moving day so do not shy away from asking friends or family for help. This can lighten the load and also make the day more enjoyable but remember to thank them for their efforts at the end with something like takeout or a nice bottle of wine.


2. Have An Essentials Bag

6 Key Moving Day Tips

It is helpful to have a bag filled with a few essential items to help throughout the day. This will include items like a phone charger, toiletries, water, snacks and any documents that you need.


3. Load Up The Van

It is not simply a case of throwing everything in the van and driving to the new home as you will need to know how to pack a moving truck properly in order to get everything in safely. It is helpful to get everything outside and then to pack the biggest and heaviest items first. You should then move onto anything that is long and then finally the smaller items.


4. Remember Security

With so much happening on moving day, it is easy to forget about security, which is why it needs to be a priority. This means that you should never leave your possessions unattended and you should also remember to lock up at both properties when you leave or have someone there at all times. 


5. Get Your Bed Set Up

6 Key Moving Day Tips

Moving day can be physically demanding, so you will certainly want to get a good night’s sleep. It might be the last thing that you want to do, but getting your bed set up first is important and will be worth the effort. You can then leave the rest of the unpacking to the next day.


6. Get A Takeaway

Following this, you won’t feel like cooking after the move so getting takeout is a great idea. And a good way to reward your helpers for their hard work throughout the day. Just remember to get it delivered to the right house. 

Hopefully, these tips will help to reduce stress on moving day. And ensure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. It will always be a stressful day but when you are well prepared. It should help to reduce this stress and allow you to get settled into your new home quickly so that you can start enjoying this exciting new chapter. 


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