Must-Haves For Your Trip

We bring you a few must-haves for your trip so that you can enjoy more and return back home calm and relaxed.

Thought Store, EUR 69.50

Good thoughts deserve a good home. And this handily sized quality-handcrafted Pinetti calf leather journal is a wonderful repository for all your notes and ideas.

You can also give your journal its own personal stamp by having your initials, your name or a few words (up to 15 characters) embossed on the cover.

Available in taupe, ecru, red, camel, navy, purple, and black.



Water music, EUR 39.20

(including AA batteries)

When the summer temperatures soar, what finer feeling is there than relaxing in the water with a cool drink to hand?

And with the iSplash Floating Speaker, you can enjoy the whole experience with your digital speaker will stream your digital tunes from any Bluetooth-compatible device within a range of 9 metres to give you all the sounds you need for your personal “floating party”.


Editor’s Choice, EUR 15

Where would we be without all the picture in our minds?

Pictures not only of our memories but also of our dreams.

Of places we long to visit, and places we were so reluctant to leave. Of places that inspire us, and places that help us relax.

Many of the world’s big ideas were conceived in peculiar places.

Virginia Woolf got the notion of a “room of her own” in her peaceful study in Sussex (it overlooked a lovely rose garden); Edward Hopper discovered modern-day loneliness and melancholia in particular American diner.

This fascinating collection of postcards illustrates the birthplaces of great works and ideas.

More pictures to store away in our minds, for future inspiration!

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