Mystery Of Double Tap: Get Likes on Instagram

Today we will talk about your most favorite topic of social media “INSTAGRAM”. I will tell you How To Get Likes on Instagram?

Every single day Instagram is on the boom. Most popular and trending social media site. In, 2014 it was 3rd largest social media app.

You know Instagram has approximately 77.6 Million Users when it was started and now in 2019 expected figure is 500 million users monthly. Instagram is the most popular and trending social media site which is used in every corner of the world. Most are the United States Not only youngsters use it even adult age is exploring Instagram. Instagram has tremendous users. It is not only a platform for likes, sharing, and followers. Gram is working as a business platform where people can sell or buy products through easy and best techniques. The Instagram graph is raising day by day in all aspects whether it is for bloggers, businesses, fashion, or any other users. 80% of users are following business accounts.

800+ Million accounts active worldwide in a month.

500+ Million people are active daily worldwide.

300+ Million users use Instagram Story Feature.

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What is Instagram likes?

What is instagram likes?

I know! I know!

Everyone has knowledge of like, hearts or double-tap but you are using the app in the wrong way or right way, How cleverly and sharply you are using is all up to you.

Likes are gold for Instagram users. Users crave likes, followers and double-tap. When Instagram was born facebook gives the trend of likes but Instagram told the meaning of making hearts on pictures by double taps.

When I used Instagram first time my followers and likes were converted 2 digits to 3 digits in a day that time I felt so happy but slowly my graph was going down.

Then I realize it’s not only me who is obsessed with hearts and double-tap every Instagram users have an obsession with likes, double-taps, and faves. Even after wasting plenty of time on pictures or videos which we share and don’t get many likes.

I think so your mind is constantly thinking that for likes and double-tap we have to work on it? Yes, you have to but not hard work just slight changes in your sharing content.

So, now I will guide you on how to Get likes On Instagram. How to earn double taps and hearts? How to increase likes 4 like.


Connect Your Gram with Other Accounts

Connect Your Gram with Other Accounts


What do we mean by social media? To connect as many people as we can for connecting or increasing likes best option is to connect your Instagram with Facebook. 20% of friends of your Facebook use Instagram as well. Through connecting both accounts Facebook friends will start following you on Instagram.

Even first step after starting Instagram is to connect with Facebook. Don’t worry you can do it later also. Instagram gives the best options to users for connecting one account to many like Instagram can be connected with Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook.


After all these processes, when you will update any feeds on insta it will show on your linked social accounts through this you will get a higher reach.


Game Of Timings

Game Of Timings

Time of posting matters a lot for likes and comments. Instagram is a 24/7 open network. There is a company Latergramme who has observed the best timings of posting pictures, videos are 5 pm on Wednesday.

Latergramme is a marketing platform for Instagram. According to their research, the best likes and comments user gets on their feeds is 5 pm or 6 pm and worst timings are 9 am and 6 pm.

They searched and scheduled the different timings for different days for postings which are :

  • Sunday: 5pm
  • Monday: 7pm and 10pm
  • Tuesday: 3 am and 10 pm
  • Wednesday: 5 pm
  • Thursday: 2 am and 7 am
  • Friday: 1 am
  • Saturday: 2 am

Best timings for posting which will give you the best response. In a whole week, the best day is Wednesday to post at 5 pm. These timings are sets according to the user’s login Instagram at what time.

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Filters give Attraction

Filters gives Attraction

Definitely, I will agree that filters give beauty to pictures and attract your followers to like your post but. Using some popular filters will increase your Engagements like:

  • X- Pro
  • Inkwell
  • Sierra
  • Kelvin
  • Welldon
  • Early BirdHeffy
  • Brannan

These filters are well-liked for enhancing your pictures and are easy to use.


#Hashtags: Likes 4 Like

#Hashtags : Likes 4 Like

Hashtags are the king of Instagram. The hashtag is too trendy and useful for engaging more people. Using famous hashtags while posting it will increase searches and your reaches For example you are posting pictures of dresses then you can use very famous hashtags like #fashion #western #dresses #beauty #fashion_blogger or many more these all hashtags are common in use and famous on a search engine so it will help you to increase your reaches.

Instagram has limits to put 30 hashtags in each post but 30 hashtags are not compulsion. Always remember while adding hashtags don’t use hashtags more than 5 or 6 it will make your hashtag para messy and cluttered.

Use hashtags or relevant keywords related to your field and profession from which you belong it gives a reflection of your profile. You can use hashtags of famous personalities of your profession, keep a check on their profile it may help you to increase likes on Instagram. Along with these don’t forget Geo taggings pushes your content to location search. A person who searches locations will see your post on location pages.

Some famous #Hashtags on Instagram :

  • #me
  • #instagood
  • #tbt
  • #photooftheday
  • #summer
  • #instadaily
  • #iphone
  • #instagramhub
  • #girl
  • #like
  • #beautiful
  • #cute


Be Trendy

Be Trendy

When the opportunity is knocking itself then why are you neglecting it? Always be trendy with your content, hashtags, keywords to impress your audience to get more likes.

For Example: If Diwali Festival is coming then post pictures related to the concept of Diwali it can be new dresses, lights, candles, lamps, crackers, etc. Diwali will be a trending topic on social media.

Points to Remember: Your post should be trendy and meaningful which carries any message for your audience. Trending season gives you an opportunity to target the audience.


Upgrade Followers And Likes

Upgrade Followers And Likes

We heard that for achieving anything you have to do work hard Nothing comes in free !!!

So for increasing followers and like you have to like posts of random users on Instagram.

According to research famous experts says that without following anyone also you can increase your followers and likes on a post. Every 100 likes will give you 21.7 likes per post.

Put stories As Highlights

Put stories As Highlights

Instagram has discovered a new feature of highlights we can save our expired stories by using Highlight Feature.

You have a very short time to attract your followers and convince them to follow you. For you Instagram highlights are power, make stories as your highlights whenever the audience will cross your profile highlights will convey everything about your profession and what your profile have? Instagram posts have a lifespan of only 4 hours but Instagram stories have 24 hours.

Make your highlights as your theme the places where you travel, Give swipe links to promote products, use bio description for an explanation.

Go guys now you are ready to Get Likes On Instagram.

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