Olive Garden

There’s so much more you can do with olive oil than just drizzle it over salad – provided you know which one to use. We bring you the handy guide.


There’s no doubt that olive oil is everyone’s go-to choice for a healthy cooking medium. But how well do you know your olive oil?

There are essentially four types of this Mediterranean favorite and each has its own unique characteristics. Here’s a brief lowdown on each and how to use them.


For salads

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest grade you can get. It has a wonderful aroma and flavor and can transform the most mundane dish into something special.

You can experience its richness by drizzling it generously n salads or even using to lightly saute your favorite veggies.

It makes a great alternative to butter as well, so go ahead and spread it on your toast or simply dip pieces of soft bread into it.


For stir fries

Classic olive oil is a blend of extra virgin olive oils, and has a mild aroma and texture.

It suits Mediterranean, continental and light Indian cooking, and can be used to cook pasta sauces and stir-fried veggies or rice.


For roasts

Light olive oil can be distinguished by its subtle color and taste. It’s perfect for daily cooking, be it Indian meals or continental dishes.

Feel free to replace your regular cooking oil and use this one for frying, sauteing, roasting and baking.


For deep-frying

Olive pomace oil has a neutral taste and flavor and is best suited to Indian cuisines. Its high smoking point makes it perfect for deep-frying.

You can use it to turn heavy dishes such as pakoras, pulav, parathas a tad lighter.


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